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do you consider "Dang" a poor word? (kids, check, school)
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My boy is 12 yrs old. In a video game in among his classes, once he lost he stated "dang it." The teacher offered him a referral. As soon as he went to the principals, he obtained 3 job of after school detention. Is "dang" a bad word?
Apparantly in college it is no acceptable, asking the school or the teacher for a perform of unacceptable words or ask them wherein it is created in the student handbook.
Really? since when did "dang it" end up being a punishable word? What execute they carry out if he states "Damn it"? walk he obtain expelled?
Dang it! I had actually just composed a long response and my computer system shut down and also lost it. Mine main point was the it more than likely was more the situation and also not the word/phrase. possibly the teacher had just said something an extremely serious "And climate President Kennedy was shot" and also a college student laughingly shouts the end "Dang it" thus ruining the somber mood of the lesson. Or, a student preserved interrupting, and interrupting and also interrupting his/her lesson and also when the student called out "Dang it" that was the final straw. Or, the teacher stated something like "Listen carefully, this will certainly be ~ above the exam" and a student yells out "Dang it" and the whole rest of the middle course bursts right into disrespectful laughter. Or, the student told Mom and Dad that he stated "Dang it" and he really said "Damn You" to the teacher.

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Or, he stated "Dang it" when flashing a gang sign (or for some odd reason that expression is gang connected in his area) and the detention was really for the gang sign. Or, claimed "Dang it" and also threw something or any number of other things. Or, the whole suggest of the game was come practice an excellent sportsmanship and also he was flaunting the video game by being a negative loser. Ns would suggest that the parent examine out "the rest of the story." P.S. In my local middle school among the course clowns (a really annoying trouble maker) would constantly harass a teacher who supported an additional football team, not the eco-friendly Bay Packers" by yelling the end "Cheese head" in the middle of class- again and also again and again, in the hall means and at any time he experienced that teacher. It appeared to rise to the level that bullying. After, this college student yelled out "Cheese head" dozen and dozens of times (probably hundreds of times), disrupting class and also making funny of the teacher he was on permanent warning by administration that he could not to speak "Cheese head" to her. Obviously, "Cheese head" is not a negative word/phrase yet in this instance it was plainly showing disrespect and also the student was not adhering to directions. Luckily, the parental agreed through the institution or they might have composed to C-D, "My son was punished because that saying "Cheese head", i don"t understand as "Cheese head" is no a bad word" and also everyone would have agreed with them and also thought that the institution was way out the line since the parental didn"t tell the whole situation.