For every of the adhering to pairs the solute and solvent, predict even if it is the solute would certainly be dissolve or insoluble. After ~ making her predictions, friend can examine your answers by looking up the compounds in The Merck table of contents or the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. Generally, The Merck table of contents is the much easier reference publication to use. If the substance has actually a solubility higher than 40 mg/mL, you might conclude that it is soluble.

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a) Malic acid in water


b) Naphthalene in water


c) Amphetamine in ethyl alcohol


d) Aspirin in water


e) Succinic mountain in hexane ( Note: the polarity that hexane is similar to that of petroleum ether.)


f) ibuprofen in diethyl ether


g) 1-Decanol (n-decyl alcohol) in water


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