Momentum is a vector. For example, in 3D $\mathbfp=(p_x,p_y,p_z)$. The size of the inert vector is a scalar: $p=|\mathbfp|=\sqrtp_x^2+p_y^2+p_z^2$.

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Momentum is a vector quantity. For a fragment with mass, the momentum equates to mass times velocity, and velocity is a vector quantity while massive is a scalar quantity. A scalar multiply by a vector is a vector. A relocating body would be a particle with a mass. If the body moves with space, family member to one observer, the will have a velocity, momentum, and kinetic energy. It"s velocity and momentum space vector quantities. Those amounts possess both magnitude and also direction in space.


p = m*v ........(1)


p = momentum

m = mass...(scalar quantity)

v = velocity...(vector quantity)

Any vector, multiply by a scalar results into a vector product. ........(2)

In equation (1), fixed is scalar, whereas velocity is a vector. Native the definition(2), it is clear the momentum is the product that a scalar and a vector quantity. For this reason momentum is also a vector quantity.


momentum the a human body is a vector quantity as it has both magnitude and also direction and mass is a scalar quantity and also velocity is a vector scalar multiplied by vector is likewise a vector


I think that is a vector quantity because momentum is the product of force with time ..... Force is a vector quantity ao inert is additionally a vector quantity

Ya the the direct momentum the a body is the vector quantity because linear momentum =mass*velocity , right here you will be thinked that the massive is a sclar quantity then how is the direct momentum is vector however here we have to use the essential property of the vector i.e., as soon as WE multiply THE VECTOR quantity BY THE SCLAR amount THEN THE RESULTANT quantity IS A VECTOR...!

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