There's this girl i really love and also to cut the story short, i think she knows I like her because I said her finest friend (bit in ~ the very same time i told her no to tell). Anyways, i go approximately her campus and she texts me if I'm there. I tell her ns am, yet I'm busy. She states you need to come now about three to four times. So, ns go over to she place due to the fact that she to be \"eager\" to see me. It's simply me and her alone, however all she talks about are guys and also how funny, smart, one buff they are. The next day she speak me to come over and also meet her male friend. I go and she basically pays most of her attention to him! Is she do me jealous or trying to punch me off? It's killng me inside...

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correct SHE IS do the efforts TO make YOU JEALOUSI've met countless many females in my life, and this always creeps increase every as soon as in a while. Here is what she is trying to do.She likes you, yet she has doubts around her feeling. Ladies are really emotional and also follow their hearts and also trust their own gut instincts, they also value every others opinions to the highest possible degree. If a girl is totally infatuated through you, she will carry out the dumbest sh*t to obtain your attention. If she has mixed feelings, you room going to acquire mixed signals. This girl likes you yet doesn't prefer you sufficient to not play games. She is testing you. Most likely, there space moments wherein you can be act something azer or showing lack of trust in something the is leading to her to reaction that way. She is do the efforts to number out even if it is you room a confident male prefer she feels sometimes, or even if it is its every an act you are placing up. She is additionally trying come let friend know, (whether that true or not) that other guys are attracted to her and also she is do the efforts to analysis your behavior, SHE IS make the efforts TO obtain YOU TO reaction in a means that will help her make a decision of even if it is she wants to be through you. She might also be do the efforts to acquire you come be an ext aggressive and also assertive with her. The worst thing you deserve to do is show jealousy or indicators of weakness. Ladies often shot to obtain a male to reaction on everything. However, if we do it, we room the poor guys. Yet women think castle can obtain away through it. You have to act choose you don't also give a sh*t, recognize what she is saying however don't disregard it. Ignoring is also a REACTION. Next time she pulls this sh*t smile and say other witty, v her turn off balance, then quickly change the subject. To speak something choose \"hey we have so lot in COMMON, several guys love you just as lot as females love me!\" complied with by \"since we have so lot in common, ns don't ever see united state working out with each other in a relationship\" then offer her a dirty grin, guarantee she'll call you over tonight and also suck her balls dry. The crucial is come ACKNOWLEDGE-> contact HER the end -> change THE CONVERSATION due to the fact that YOU SHOULDN'T CARE.

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