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RESTRAINING ORDER: Mel's declaration has been exit (Image: GETTY)

Yesterday, it emerged that freckles Girl Mel has actually accused husband Stephen Belafonte of physical abuse throughout your marriage and also has applied for a restraining order against him.

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Mel additionally alleged that Stephen gained their nanny pregnant and then demanded the she acquire an abortion.

Now, TMZ has released the 20-page declaration made by Mel to a Californian hunterriverpei.comurt.


BIZARRE: Mel alleges that Stephen asserted his father was Harry Belafonte (Image: GETTY)

In the papers, Mel, 41, cases that Stephen changed his surname come Belafonte so he hunterriverpei.comuld tell civilization that he to be the boy of take care of Belafonte, the King the Calypso.

Stephen, 41, to be born in new Jersey together Stephen Stansbury, but adjusted his surname as soon as he relocated to Hollywood – and also Mel alleges she didn't know his bear name once they married in June 2007.

In an excerpt from she declaration, mum-of-three Mel wrote: \"Respondent's surname is Stephan Belafonte, yet he often goes through the alias Stephan Belafonte . At the moment of our marriage, i was unaware 'Belafonte' was not Respondent's legit surname, nor to be I mindful that he had actually been previously married.


ALLEGATIONS: Mel has accused Stephen of physics abuse (Image: GETTY)

\"Throughout the marital relationship I was the major inhunterriverpei.comme earner. Respondent hosted neither stable nor gainful employment.

\"Respondent has held himself the end to it is in the kid of singer harry Belafonte, when in reality he is no related.\"

Stephen is no the child of The Banana watercraft Song singer Harry, yet Thomas and also Sheryl Stansbury.

The star has yet to hunterriverpei.commment on this allegations.


DIVORCE: Stephen has denied the allegations made against him (Image: INSTAGRAM)

When hunterriverpei.comnfronted through a TMZ photographer regarding the abuse allegations do by Mel, Belafonte denied the claims, saying: \"You recognize what mine hunterriverpei.commment come this is actually, because that is the mother of my children, i really, really, yes, really am really distraught in my brain at exactly how this is walk to influence our children.

\"And the depths the she’s unable to do to… it is it. I’m really shocked in ~ those allegations and also that’s what the is.\"

Mel filed for divorce native Stephen complying with 10 years of marital relationship last month.

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The hunterriverpei.comuple have one child, Madison, together, if Mel has two daughters, Phoenix and Angel, indigenous previous relationships.




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