I mean, that behaves favor solid. However, if we "mix" it v a spoon, it becomes liquid, or at the very least in the normal sense. The is also quite plastic, i beg your pardon complicates.

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My current guess is the it is either a glass or a gel, however I"m rather unsure about it.



The thickness that yoghurt is because of bacteria developing lactic acid and flocculating the casein molecules. There"s terrific article on this here.

We generally reserve words gel for solution that screen a productivity stress. There space set yoghurts that would certainly be explained as a gel, however the more liquid yoghurts are simply a non-Newtonian fluid.


Ice is able come "flow" under tension , yet is classified as a solid. Therefore, it appears safe to think the yogurt is a solid, too, as it flows when moved, but, does not flow on its own unless the is thin.


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