Neighbor is curious around value of the above 22 single action, single shot rifle. Markings are as follows:

J.Stevens eight & device Co. That Chicopee Falls, fixed USALittle 22 long-rifle 14 1/2 (stamped in huge numbers)Pat. July 2, 1907

Could find no serial number. Gun appears to duty well as it should, however bore is in pretty bad shape - there is evidence of lans and grooves yet we dare no clean the total if that is of any kind of value. A ring is inserted and an extractor block, through a small firing pin, is popped or rolled up before actually triggering the hammer. Hammer has actually a fifty percent cock safety.

Would appreciate any type of info you have the right to offer. If the gun can be of any type of value, would be glad to take and forward pics.

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Thank you,

Ron C.

chicopee-falls stevens

Two Old Dogs
8 year ago

You have actually a Stevens "Little Scout" NO. 14 1/2 which was produced between 1910 and also 1942. Your specimen to be made between 1910 and 1915.

The bores of many .22 rifles that this era room rough and pitted since of corrosive priming, black color powder and tiny cleaning or maintenance. Walk ahead and also clean the bore, that can"t pains the value.

Serial numbers were not required on long weapons prior come the 1968 Gun regulate Act and Stevens did not serialize their economy line of firearms.

Value would variety from $50 to $400 depending upon mechanical and bore condition and also remaining original metal and also wood finish. Her rifle sounds choose it would be in the $50 to 150 range.


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