Jennifer Morrison: how I Met Your mother (& 9 various other TV mirrors You Forgot She was In) Jennifer Morrison has actually a successful career as a star on TV. Fans recognize Once top top a Time but she has been in many various other hit reflects that were forgotten.

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Jennifer Morrison has had a lengthy and storied career date back around two decades at this point. When she has actually made appearances in films like Urban Legends: last CutStar TrekWarrior, and Assassination Nation, she is most well-known for functioning in television.

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Her biggest and most popular duty came as the command character of Emma Swan on Once top top a Time for six seasons. While that"s what anyone remembers, fans might have forgotten the she was also component of numerous other significant television series over the years. Indigenous lead roles to guest appearances, she has actually kind of to be everywhere.

The whole premise of How i Met your Mother was to spend several periods trying to find out who Ted Mosby would at some point marry and have youngsters with. During that saga, he had plenty the girlfriends. Among them was a recurring character during the 6th season called Zoey Pierson, play by Morrison.

When Ted gets a big architect gig, Zoey meets him as she protests the damage of the building being knocked down. That renders them rivals for several episodes. However, they end up bonding and after she leaves her husband, the two date. It doesn"t go beyond that season and her role lasted 13 total episodes.

The actors of The Chronicle
Going way back, this was in reality the an initial television appearance for Jennifer Morrison. It"s easy to forget since The Chronicle, a sci-fi series, only lasted because that one season in 2001 and 22 episodes. Morrison only showed increase in one of them, "Let sleeping Dogs Fry," together a character called Gwen.

The Chronicle is based on a novel collection known as News indigenous the Edge and concentrates on a team of journalists at a tabloid newspaper who find that their story on various monsters and also aliens are actually true. The present was an early place to spot the talented Octavia Spencer.

Jennifer Morrison in touch by one Angel
because that Jennifer Morrison"s second television credit, she actually operated on a more well-known series. In fact, Touched by an Angel was one of the longest-running shows during its era, spanning nine seasons and 211 episodes from 1994 till 2003.

The premise adhered to a trio the angels who are sent out to planet to aid depressed world and administer them through messages native God. Earlier in 2001, Morrison had a guest role as a character named Melissa in season eight"s "Most likely to Succeed."

7 This Is Us

Cassidy Sharp and other AA members look on together a home window is broken
To be fair, this is actually one the the easiest collection to remember simply due to the fact that it is likewise the many recent. This is Us is right now running ~ above NBC and also remains one of the most popular shows around. It deals with the assorted hardships that a household endures over number of decades.

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During the show"s 4th season, Morrison arrived together Cassidy Sharp. She"s a marine vet who struggled after return home and also developed a drinking problem. She ends up befriending and also hooking up v Kevin Pearson, one of the show"s main characters who she met in AA.

back to the tougher ones to recall, as The arbitrarily Years is a show that was ultimately a failure. The series premiered back in 2002 ~ above the now-defunct UPN network. Like a many shows indigenous the era, it centered on a team of friend who are roommates in brand-new York City.

The arbitrarily Years didn"t boast a cast that go on to become major stars, although will Friedle that Boy Meets World was in it. Jennifer Morrison appeared in the "Pilot" as someone called Megan. Over there were only seven illustration in total and also three of lock actually never ever made it come air.

5 any kind of Day Now

In 2002, Jennifer Morrison continued to include to her list of credits v a guest spot on the lifetime network. The display was Any job Now, i beg your pardon ran native 1998 till 2002, and each episode was centered approximately issues of racism in Birmingham, Alabama end the years.

The series was led by the likes that Annie Potts and also Lorraine Toussaint. Near the end of the show"s run, Jennifer Morrison play Mandy Singer in an installment titled "In too Deep."

It"s constantly easy to forget that someone was component of a display or a movie when it"s animated due to the fact that they frequently only carry out voiceover work. The was the case with The super Hero squad Show. Produced by Marvel Animation, that was based upon an action figure heat by Hasbro.

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Spanning 2 seasons, the present was a self-aware parody of kinds involving famous Marvel characters. The voice actors featured several notable names including Mark Hamill, George Takei, and also James Marsters. Morrison appeared in three episodes as The Wasp.

3 Dawson"s Creek

In terms of being component of a hit show, this was definitely the very first time it taken place for Jennifer Morrison. After ~ the aforementioned very first two appearances ~ above television, she landing a guest spot on Dawson"s Creek, i m sorry was one of the most renowned shows that the era.

Focusing ~ above a quartet of teen friends in a tiny town, the collection lasted 6 seasons. James valve Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, and Michelle Williams all ended up being stars native it. Morrison was in two episodes the season five as Melanie Shea Thompson, the ex-girlfriend the Pacey (Jackson).

This one could come together a surprise to most who have seen Euphoria. The HBO collection was a breakout success, adhering to a team of high institution students who attend to things like drugs, trauma, sex, and more. Zendaya earned an Emmy for her lead performance and also the display was lauded for whatever from writing to visuals.

Technically, Jennifer Morrison didn"t display up on display as she isn"t component of Euphoria as an actress. Instead, Morrison acquired behind the camera, functioning as the manager of the 5th episode, ""03 Bonnie and also Clyde." It to be her best TV work-related as a director, though she likewise helmed a 2017 film called Sun Dogs.

1 House

Before coming to be a household name together the lead on Once top top a Time, Jennifer Morrison"s greatest function came on House. The series was a vast success, to run for eight periods from 2004 until 2012. It complied with the exploits the Dr. House, a brilliant however cranky physician who solves the toughest of medical cases.

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The display ran for over 170 episodes and also Jennifer Morrison was component of 130 that them. She shown Dr. Allison Cameron, a vital member of House"s clinical team who helped him deal with the cases. For a most audience members, this was their arrival to Morrison.

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