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Jonathan Capehart is an American journalist currently working for The Washington article as an opinion columnist. He concentrates on the intersection of social and social issues as well as politics.

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Jonathan is also component of The Washington write-up editorial board and also writes about politics and social matters. In addition, he additionally hosts the “Cape Up” podcast and is an MSNBC Contributor who commonly serves as a instead of anchor. Jonathan has also served together a guest organize on “Midday ~ above WNYC” on new York public Radio.

Jonathan Capehart Age

He was born on July 2, 1967, and also raised in Hazlet, new Jersey, and also Newmark, brand-new Jersey, in the United States. Jonathan is 54 year old.

Jonathan Capehart Height

He is a male of average stature. Jonathan stands at a elevation of 5 ft 7 in (Approx 1.7 m).

Jonathan’s Photo

Jonathan Capehart mother | Parents

He was elevated by his parents’ mom Margaret Capehart and his dad in Hazlet, new Jersey, and Newmark, new Jersey. Jonathan’s mother is an author of the book titled #LunchboxChronicles along with Tai Hall. In this book, she share an intergenerational conversation worrying raising black boys-40 years apart.

Jonathan and also his mother share a close connection as he doesn’t shy off from displaying his affection and admiration towards his mom. He posted a picture of his mom On might 14, 2017, on his Twitter account wishing she a Happy Mother’s Day. However, he has actually not disclosed any information in regards to his father.

Jonathan Capehart Husband | mam | Spouse | Partner

He is happy married come his beloved husband/wife Nick Schmit. Nick works in the U.S. Room of State together an Assistant cook of Protocol for Diplomatic Partnerships. He is likewise a proud alumnus that the college of phibìc Dakota. The duo met through a friend who introduced them once they were both single and the rest has been history.

Jonathan and Nick got involved in might 2016 and also later obtained hitched top top January 7, 2017, where the marriage was officiated by a former U.S attorney general named Eric Holder. They right now live together and often do time because that each various other in the middle of your busy work schedules.

Jonathan Capehart Wedding Pictures

As viewed from most of your pictures, the duo wore equivalent tuxedos with white dress shirts and black bow ties.

Jonathan’s Wedding Picture

Karen Finney Married come Jonathan Capehart

Kenny is emotionally married come Jonathan whom she describes as her “gay husband”. However, they are not legitimate married as she is unmarried and Jonathan is a married man. The two room emotionally attached and also are best friends. On June 4, 2012, Jonathan clarified top top his Twitter account the they have never to be married however he is her gay husband.

Kenny to be born on august 15, 1967, in new York, in the USA. She is currently 54 year old is as an American politics consultant that works as a politics commentator for MSNBC. Kenny is a proud alumnus that the university of California in Los Angeles.

Jonathan Capehart Education

He perfect his high school education at Saint Benedict’s Preparatory School. Jonathan later on joined Carleton College wherein he graduated through a Bachelor that Arts level in politics Science.

Jonathan Capehart Bookshelf

From most of his photos, it seems that Jonathan is constantly surrounded through bookshelves the are neatly arranged in an attractive and also appealing manner. Among his viewers tweeted inquiring around what form of material his bookshelf is make of. Jonathan replied saying that the bookcases are made of brushed brass. He also went ahead and said that he obtained them native
MGBWhome The Filmore bookcase.

Jonathan Capehart Msnbc

He is often explained as a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. Jonathan serves together an anchor of “The Sunday display with Jonathan Capehart” on MSNBC. In addition, the is also component of the editorial plank of The Washington Post, where he serves together the hold of the “Cape Up” podcast.

Previously, Jonathan served as a deputy editorial web page editor that the new York everyday News native 2002-2004. In addition, he also served ~ above its editorial board from 1993-2000. Jonathan along with the plank was honored through the Pulitzer Prize because that Editorial composing in 1999 for his editorial project to conserve Apollo Theater.

Jonathan Capehart Washington Post

Jonathan right now works because that The Washington post as an opinion columnist. His main emphasis is the intersection of society and cultural issues and additionally politics. In addition, that is also a member the The Washington short article editorial board, writes concerning politics and also social matters and also hosts the “Cape Up” podcast.

Besides that, Jonathan is likewise an MSNBC Contributor who commonly serves together a instead of anchor. Additionally, he has also worked as a guest organize on “Midday ~ above WNYC” on new York publicly Radio. Jonathan is a constant moderator that panels in ~ the Aspen concepts Festival and likewise for the Aspen Institute; the center for American Progress; the Brussels Forum that the German Marshall Fund; and also the Atlantic Dialogues conference.

Previously, he functioned for the new York everyday News together a deputy editorial page editor indigenous 2002-2004 and likewise served ~ above its editorial plank from 1993 come 2000. In the year 1999, Jonathan’s 16-month editorial campaign to save the well known Apollo Theatre in Harlem derived him and the board the Pulitzer Prize because that Editorial Writing. In July 2000 that left the day-to-day News to occupational for Bloomberg News together the national affairs columnist. He later on took a leave from the position to serve as a policy adviser come Michael Bloomberg in February 2001 throughout his first successful project for new York City mayor.

Some the Jonathan’s colleagues at The Washington short article include:

Karoun Demirjian – national Security Reporter

Shane Harris – intelligence & national Security reporter

Ashley Paker – Anchor & reporter

Thomas Boswell – sporting activities Columnist

Marc Thiessen – political Appointee

Tom Hamburger – Investigative journalist

Eugene Robinson – Newspaper Columnist

Josh Dawsey – politics Investigations & enterprise reporter

Jonathan Capehart Salary

He makes fairly an outstanding amount from working as one opinion columnist for The Washington Post. Jonathan’s mean salary is $119,519 annually.

Jonathan Capehart net Worth

Having worked in the media sector for quite some time, Jonathan has controlled to garner fairly an exceptional amount. His net worth is $1.5 million.

How Old Is Jonathan Capehart

According come our research, Jonathan was born top top July 2, 1967, and also raised in Hazlet, new Jersey, and Newmark, brand-new Jersey, in the USA. The is 54 year old.

Who Is Jonathan Capehart Husband

He bound the knot to his husband Nick Schmit on January 7, 2017, whereby the wedding ceremony was performed by a former U.S attorney basic named Eric Holder. Jonathan and also his husband space living a happy married life.

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Is Jonathan Capehart Married come Karen Finney

The two space not legally married however emotionally married whereby they are ideal friends and also emotionally attached. Jonathan is Kenny’s “gay husband” together they favor to call it.