im not certain what 3 is, but numbers 1, 2 and also 4 are dropped in one-of-a-kind portals. You\"re guaranteed a brilliant fantasy in Riku\"s distinct portal 3 in The human being That never ever Was (and a opportunity for one native the other 2) and in special portal 6 in the Symphony world. Wild Fantasies are dropped in The civilization That never ever Was for Sora, in all unique portals in that human being (though the third is guarantee a drop. Simple Fantasys are additionally dropped in special portals, but I forget i m sorry ones, but you need to do unique portals anyway, so carry out those and you will get much more than enough! an excellent hunting!

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Posted February 15, 2017

You should acquire a bunch of that stuff by doing all of the unique Portals.

At the end of the entire game all I essential was 2 excellent Fantasy. Make 2 Keeba Tigers and also save. Then go into a hard fight in The world That never ever Was and let them gain killed. They must yield excellent Fantasy material. 


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