Sometimes, when world ask us how we are, we would desire to bawl our eyes out and also say “I am not fine”. But there are also days once we have the right to happily say the we room fine. Together is life v all that ups and also downs. 

In the poem ‘Life is Fine’, Langston Hughes encounters a darker theme of taking one’s own life. The very first stanza starts through the narrator sitting under by a flow bank and also trying to number out something. It is clear that the poet is worried and also is trying to think about it. As soon as he can’t find answers because that his problems, that throws himself right into the river. This comes together a surprise to a leader at first when one doesn’t know the design template of the poem.

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But rather of drowning, the narrator comes up. That hollers and also cries because that help. The narrator reasons out the he didn’t die due to the fact that it was as well cold to bear. He seems to have actually backed the end at the last moment. He continuously says that was due to the fact that the water was cold together if trying to console himself.

I come up once and also hollered!

I come up twice and also cried!

If that water hadn’t a-been therefore cold

I might’ve sunk and died. 

But it was Cold in the water! It to be cold!

The narrator make the efforts to kill himself for the 2nd time when he is going up in an elevator. That plans to litter himself the end of the elevator. Also, readers come to know the factor for his self-destruction attempts. He is missing someone to whom he refers together ‘baby’.

But he no jump off the elevator due to the fact that it is as well high. It is quite ironic exactly how the narrator is an ext concerned about the physics pain resulted in by death. Readers additionally come to understand the vulnerable perspective of the narrator. That is obvious the narrator is suffering and is in pain.

I stood there and also I hollered!

I stood there and I cried!

If that hadn’t a-been for this reason high

I might’ve jumped and also died.

In the concluding stanzas, the narrator follows reality and decides to walk on living. He decides come live simply because he to be born come live. He could have passed away in location of his beloved, yet he can’t because he to be destined come live his life.

So because I’m still below livin’,

I guess I will certainly live on.

I could’ve passed away for love—

But because that livin’ ns was born

While he continues to live on, he can suffer and cry. He may have more painful experiences, but he is resolute come live. The is earnest come live. He assures his beloved the he will certainly live and not die.

Though you may hear me holler,

And you might see me cry—

I’ll it is in dogged, sweet baby,

If friend gonna check out me die.

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He ends the poem v the line,

Life v all the pain and also suffering may appear fine as soon as we are resolute come live on. We might go through hard times, however it might not show up hard as soon as we live on. As soon as we flourish old, we recognize what come cling ~ above in life and also what to leave behind. Thus, this city which starts v a gloomy template ends v an optimistic message the life is good as long as we continue to live. So, stop live.