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First, sorry because that the long story however I’m second guessing myself with how I taken on an worry with my 16 year old daughter.She regrettably inherited among my less preferable genes, in the she to be a bed wetter till 13. From when she to be 6, we tried the humidity alarm, medications, drinking less, going before bed, scheduling etc. None of that worked and also by around 8, us had decided she would continue to wear security to bed. She wore youth dimension diapers to regulate up until her first year in high school, three years ago, once it abruptly stopped. She’s been okay since.A few months ago, I saw her room in the morning come wake her up together she had actually been out through her friends so late the night before and I didn’t hear her come home. I constantly knock of course, just in case, but she didn’t respond so ns entered. She was there sleeping, and also decent thankfully, but her consist of were turn off to the side. Her panties looked pretty different, and also my love sank a small bit as I got closer and realized she to be wearing a diaper, and also it to be visible the she hadn’t made it through the night.I felt terrible for her, being 16 and still having these issues and also what’s worse is she no tell me. I didn’t know exactly how she acquired the diapers, and she clearly was making use of her very own money and worrying around hiding them from me or she siblings. I provided it the day and also approached her around it the night. She was very embarrassed, however it yes, really was nothing new so ns reassured her and also told her it to be fine. If it is what she needed we will attend to it, and also I’d acquire her what she needed and also we’d number it out. A week walk by and I made an appointment through our family doctor. Once I told her that, ns wasn’t ready for she response.She began crying and told me there was nothing wrong through her, and that she had actually lied come me. She told me she stopped wetting her bed before her 12th birthday, however was scared I would certainly stop getting her diapers as soon as I discovered out, for this reason she would certainly pee in lock in the morning after ~ she wake up up instead of going in the toilet. She was of course an altering herself in ~ the time, so i was no one the wiser, only taking out the garbage. She retained that up for over a year till she stopped due to the fact that she claimed she was afraid her brand-new friend team would discover out.I asked she what the all meant now. Why she wore them, if she constantly used them. She to be beet red and didn’t really have actually an answer, so ns laid off the pressure. She simply kept saying she doesn’t know, and she simply wanted to wear them. She said she felt stupid and she to be sorry. She’s a darling, and I assistance her as lot as ns can, so I just told she it was perfectly fine, i thanked she for being moral with me, cancelled the medical professionals apt, and told her that i would help in whatever method she wanted. She to know I’m no judgmental and also will support her, and also that she can strategy me with anything. She finally opened as much as me a bit, and told me she just liked the means they felt.We pertained to a deal. She keeps a little supply in among her drawers, just like underwear. As soon as it gets low, I gain her a pack and also top the up. She uses her allowance to pay for them, and also she it s okay rid of castle herself. The trouble is, certain enough, one of her girlfriend did discover out. Luckily, they’ve been friends due to the fact that elementary school and I don’t think there will certainly be any kind of issue. However, i feel prefer something can happen later which could affect her socially, and also I reference myself for enabling it.I don’t obtain it.

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She’s very fit and plays compete soccer, she’s attractive, has lots that friends, is social, gets an excellent grades, all that. Am ns being too nice? need to I action in and stop it? ns feel if ns do, ns will simply lose her trust and also she will find a means to perform it anyways.Sorry because that the long story, and thank you for any help.Kayla.