Today's Spanish paragraph come together a inquiry from one of our website readers, Guayaluz Titerroy who wanted to learn how to express unpleasant ingredient such together condolences in Spanish, perhaps upon the death of a person we might know. When faced with a difficult situation, you might know exactly what come say in your native language, yet do you think you would feel confident expressing sympathy in Spanish? Well, ~ this lesson girlfriend will. But hopefully, you will certainly not have to use this vocabulary very often!​

8 advantageous Phrases come Express Condolences in Spanish

Opening Phrases:Mi más sentido pésame… my deepest condolencesMis sentidas condolencias... Mine deep condolences

Immediately complied with by either one of these:Lamento mucho esta gran pérdida… i deeply regret this great lossLamento mucho la muerte de … i deeply regret the loss of

And then instantly followed through either among these:Te acompaño en este momento de duelo / de dolor… i am v you in this minute of griefTe acompaño en el sentimiento... I am through you in this complicated moment

Finally you have the right to close v these two phrases, in specifically this order: fue una gran persona a quien he tenido la dicha de conocer...

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to be a great person whom I had actually the satisfied of knowingPuedes contar conmigo para lo que necesites… You have the right to count on me for everything you need

Of course, these are just mere formalities that you space expected come say in these varieties of situations. After this introductorystage, you are prepared to proceed talking normally, together you would execute in any kind of other situation.

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That'll do for today!

Thanks so lot Guayaluz for saying the subject of:how come say my condolences in Spanish.

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