Drake and Josh to be a Nickelodeon television series which ran for 5 seasons. An episode that aired early on in the third season title “ The Peruvian Puff Pepper” was very popular but contained a little bit of misinformation…

There is a species of pepper, referred to as the aji amarillo, i beg your pardon is native to Peru. That is widely used in Peruvian and Chilean cooking and is medium warm with a fruity flavor. Unequal the Peruvian Puff Pepper featured ~ above the tv show, the aji amarillo does not cause kidney damage nor is it illegal in the unified States. Like all peppers, the aji amarillo has capsaicin i beg your pardon is one anticoagulant and can be supplied as a neighborhood anesthetic on the skin. Peppers are recognized to it is in high in antioxidants and also yellow peppers are wonderful source that vitamin A. Due to the fact that the aji amarillo is in reality nutritionally great for people, there would certainly be no factor to ban it for importation. The aji amarillo is between 3 and also 5 inches long and also turns yellow come bright orange together it ripens.

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Finding the Peruvian Puff Pepper

If the puff pepper described on the present is in reality the aji amarillo, that is no easily found in that fresh form in the U.S. The is accessible dried, as a powder or together a paste. Part specialty shops may lug it frozen. The is offered in many timeless Peruvian dishes and also its usage dates earlier to at least the Inca. Back there space other types of peppers or chilies native to Peru, this pepper is the many common and also the most popular. Its smell is both hot and sweet and also it is an excellent for flavoring meat, rice and also bean dishes. Peruvian chef, Gaston Acurio, has named the Peruvian pepper the most important ingredient in Peruvian cooking. That is offered in such traditional dishes as causa rellena and also papa a la hunacaina.

The Peruvian Pepper is Delicious

In the Drake and Josh episode, the guys won a salsa contest with a delicious recipe containing the Peruvian puff pepper, yet were later disqualified due to the fact that the pepper was illegal in the U.S. And caused kidney damage. When the aji amarillo is perfectly legal in the U.S. And doesn’t cause any kind of harmful effects, they had the delicious component right. A variety of food providers sell prepared made salsas containing this flavorful Peruvian native. It provides a good substitute for numerous other species of peppers in Latin American cooking.

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There is no reason to stop the wonderful aji amarillo because the TV display was apparently referring come a entirely fictional Peruvian puff pepper. Because that those that love Latin American cooking and also have not yet do the efforts the aji amarillo, the is worth certainly worth a taste.