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This work-related was featured in the "Gilmore Girls" episode "The Festival of life Art" (Season 4, episode 7) v Rory Gilmore dressed up as the portrait. Her mom Lorelai is the woman in Renoir"s The dance at Bougival.

At the end of civilization War II, this painting was recovered indigenous Germany, whose troops had stolen it, and also returned to the national Museum the Capodimonte.

The title Antea comes native Giacomo Barri, who suggested that this woman was a famous Roman escort named Antea, and that she was the lover that Parmigianino, however there is no proof to support his claim.

For its first 135 years, this portrait"s location was just Ritratto di giovane donna (Portrait of a Young Woman).


In the Rome of Parmigianino"s day, courtesans to be beloved by many, plenty of people.

135 years after the artist perfect this work, Giacomo Barri provided it the surname of one of the most famous courtesans, praised by the author Pietro Aretino and also the sculptor Benvenuto Cellini, whose name was Antea. What"s the difference between a courtesan, one escort, a prostitute, and, together the late Nate Dogg sang in his radio modify of "Area Codes," a "pro"? Nothing at all, it turns out, however the names for the world"s earliest job range from the lofty "courtesan," v its close resemblance to "courtier," come the derisive people we"ve every heard on her favorite reality show, or a random episode of Maury Povich. 

I can"t completely fault Barri for publishing, in his "Picturesque trip of Italy," the insinuation the Parmigianino had actually a lil" thang going with the renowned Antea, and also that this picture is the mrs herself. No doubt, Barri was just trying to salary the bills v some juicy proto-TMZ gossip, and the ploy worked. But his machinations, favor the butterfly effect, have significant consequences when people accept the story there is no researching it, because it mirrors inaccurately on the scant story of the great Parmigianino, whose tragically brief career is full of brilliant works. The juiciness of the story is precisely the "red flag" that writers, luckily, notice, in bespeak to present the paint with a large old grain of rock salt about the misleading title. I guess we save the title the exact same as a lesson around the impacts of gossip, yet maybe we should readjust it ago to Ritratto di giovane donna (Portrait of a Young Woman). Another authorize that this mrs is not Antea is the her apron is a noblewoman"s, and also the existence of jewels and rubies on her hair and hands room talismans expected to protect the fertility the a young aristocratic bride. Recent research has linked this woman to Ottavia Camilla Baiardi, Parmigianino"s friend"s niece, and she each other the attributes of Parmigianino"s Madonna with the long Neck. 

Parmigianino"s brilliant techniques of erotic intimacy, such together her ceiling hand on her jewelry and also the slight movement of her clothing to indicate her movement toward you, make this work-related one the the greatest portraits. It"s no surprise that German troops stole this one during WWII, and also the national Museum the Capodimonte had actually to retrieve it as soon as the dust settled. 

Christina Neilson is on allude when she writes that all of our century of hemming and hawing about the identity of this particular woman space secondary, as much as the artist"s intentions are concerned: Parmigianino wanted to show us the captivating spirit of an ideal beauty that anyone might fall in love with.

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