When it pertains to music videos, the ’90s were simply a whole various animal. Sure, you obtained your “Chattahoochee” (another GOAT-level music video), however there ain’t nothing choose Brooks & Dunn’s “Rock My world (Little nation Girl).”

We’re talking many new-age green display work, weird outerspace scenes, women in old Camaros, Ronnie wailing on that cowbell, even much more lovely ladies, and to optimal it every off…. You obtained Kix and Ronnie lookin’ prefer a couple of OG, straight outta 1993, swag daddies. Ns mean, deserve to you also bring more ’90s nation heat than this?

I’m just going to go ahead and also ask the question… is this the single greatest country music video clip of all time?

It just could be…

By the way, we had actually the honor of chatting through the great Ronnie Dunn ~ above podcast a pair weeks ago and it was a damn good time. Listen HERE.

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