I"m guessing it"s not as well uncommon because many have them. Going to guess a 2-5% possibility for those who can use them?
"It"s not what we don"t understand that it s okay us into trouble; it"s what we recognize for certain that just ain"t so." ~ note Twain"The time you gain wasting is no wasted time" ~ Jesus that Nazareth"把它放在我的屁股,爸爸" ~ Dalai Lama
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oh i didn"t understand it to be rare got it on my paladin tank in lfr first kill :\ Don"t think that help you very much.

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oh ns didn"t know it to be rare gained it on my paladin tank in lfr very first kill :\ Don"t think that assist you an extremely much.
"It"s not what we don"t know that it s okay us right into trouble; it"s what we know for sure that just ain"t so." ~ note Twain"The time you reap wasting is not wasted time" ~ Jesus the Nazareth"把它放在我的屁股,爸爸" ~ Dalai Lama
I"ve obtained all 3 (mount, sword, scythe). Yet I"ve also been to run it weekly on 4 characters. Sword and Scythe both came as soon as I was play my paladin.
Dont think they room to rare, while i dont have specific numbers, but a reasonable amount of guildies already got them to drop.
In mine guild just 1 mount, 1 sword, and 1 scythe have dropped during our weekly raiding. Some world just seem come be really lucky getting all 3.
Feels choose 1% to me.I gained the scythe, i don"t think anyone rather in my raid has it, and that was favor our 15th kill? (Normal and also Heroic)
5%~ I"d say, it take it me 31 kills of argus, presume you have the right to do it multiple times per char, if not, it took the reset we"re in x4 to obtain it.Aggramar, i don"t understand think it took me like 10 kills? ns only have a DK and hunter at the moment of me getting it, that might even gain it come drop. In my guild i think we have a full of 5 weapons, with me and also 1 guy having both. But we have 1 mount and 2 lego trinkets.
I"ve killed both on heroic each week since launch and several time on regular without obtaining either, playing blood dk therefore I can equip both sword and scythe. Likewise the dog mount seems to have actually stopped dropping or has a much reduced drop rate now
I still gibberish seen any type of of them and I clear the raid ~ above 4 chars a week. Heroic and Normal top top 2 the those chars. Rng is Rng i guess.
I"ve killed both ~ above heroic each week due to the fact that launch and several times on common without acquiring either, play blood dk for this reason I can equip both sword and scythe. Additionally the dog mount appears to have stopped dropping or has actually a much reduced drop price now
I agree top top mount. We had 3 autumn in our very first 2 main of raiding, and also haven"t had another one since. Think among our raiders did acquire 1 from an LFR last week tho.They really need to make the mount have a 100% drop on M.
"It"s not what us don"t recognize that gets us right into trouble; it"s what we know for sure that simply ain"t so." ~ mark Twain"The time you reap wasting is no wasted time" ~ Jesus the Nazareth"把它放在我的屁股,爸爸" ~ Dalai Lama
From completely anecdotal evidence, the mount seems to have actually a higher DR. 6 of my guildies have it now, when 2 have the scythe and also 1 has the sword. Suffice it to say the drop rates are low, but we"ll have actually at the very least 10 months of Antorus for this reason I have no doubt I"ll acquire them someday.
I really wonder if you have 4 chances(lfr, nhc, hc, mythic) ~ above the sword/scythe, currently doing it through 3 personalities on every difficulty except mythic and also nothing therefore far. No that its crazy farming them through 3 characters but if someone knows something around that I would really appreciate some kind of details so I have the right to at the very least save part time.

I confirm the data because that some personalities I"ve to be tracking last weeks, and also I got these numbers for the last week (Jan 10 - 17). Consisting of only Paladins, Warriors and also Death Knights who eliminated the boss at the very least on one difficulty:Scythe the the Unmaker (blue, ID:153115) - 2079 characters - 30 fall = 1.443% fall rateTaeshalach (ID:152094) - 1817 characters - 43 fall = 2.367% fall rateSo the drop price is around 1-3% for both weapons.
feather at the time stamps it seems that the weapons can drop just from the very first kill the the week nevertheless of difficulty, as with Pantheon trinkets, additionally I watch no bonus roll drops. Red scythe seem to drop only from mythic Argus. Hound mounts i can"t track because task feed API doesn"t display them.

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They both feel more rare 보다 Maiden"s mace from ToS, as we"ve only seen one sword and also no scythes in our guild conversely, we had actually weekly mace drops.
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