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Ted Cassidy to be born in Pittsburgh ~ above July 31, 1932. He thrived up in West Virginia and was known for his tall height starting at young age. He later attended college, married Margaret Helen, had two children, and worked as a radio announcer. He then started his work-related as an gibbs in several films and was the voice of plenty of characters. His later role as Lurch ~ above The Addams Family ended up being his most widely known and also he is quoted for the heat "you rang?" Cassidy died on January 16, 1979, in Los Angeles indigenous open-heart surgical procedure complications.

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Theodore Crawford "Ted" Cassidy was born ~ above July 31, 1932, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, however was increased in Philippi, West Virginia. Cassidy entered third grade at age six and also entered high college at period 11; he was 6 feet and 1 customs tall. He joined the football and also basketball teams, and stood out on his team as result of his great height. Cassidy to visit West Virginian Wesleyan College and also Stetson university in DeLand, Florida come play college basketball, wherein he was a member the the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity. Upon graduation v a degree in speech and also drama, that married Margaret Helen in 1956. They moved to Dallas, Texas. That was offered a task as a singer through the Paul Whiteman Orchestra, yet declined the offer to become a radio announcer because that WFAA. His task would later incorporate coverage and interviews the witnesses to President john F. Kennedy"s assassination. In 1957, Margaret offered birth to your son, Sean, and in 1960 daughter Cameron was born.

Cassidy began acting in 1960 with functions such together the voice the the Marian in The upset Red Planet, together Harvey Logan in the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, as Injun Joe in The brand-new Adventures that Huck Finn, together an android in a Star Trek Episode, and also as the narrator for The significant Hulk tv series. His many notable function was as Lurch, the 6"9 customs butler through the deep voice in The Addams household in 1964. The function of Lurch to be intended to it is in silent till Cassidy added a speaking heat in his audition and impressed the director. His character contained working for millionaire Gomez Addams and also family, and also responding to your calls because that his existence with the famous line, "You rang?" he was likewise known for answering the doorbell the rang through the sound the a foghorn and also scaring guests, in addition to playing the harpsichord. Additionally, he played the function of point on The Addams Family, a hand the answered the phone and assisted with the mail. In 1972, Cassidy wrote the movie Charcoal Black v Chris Robinson, and in 1973 created the screenplay The Harrad Experiment through Michael Werner. He later divorced Margaret Helen in 1976.

He died on January 16, 1979, in Los Angeles as result of complications that open-heart surgery. His remains are buried in the backyard that his home in woodland Hills, California.


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Photo Credit: NBC Television. "Ted Cassidy as Tarzan and also Cheeta from the television game show Storybook Squares. Cassidy was finest known because that his function as Lurch the servant on The Addams Family. The program was a children"s version of the adult game show Hollywood Squares.." c. 1969. Photograph. Licensed under public Domain. Cropped come 4x3. Source: Wikimedia.