Does Sterling silver Tarnish? exactly how To avoid Silver Tarnishing

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Sterling silver, also real .925 sterling silver, will constantly tarnish. While pure 99.9% silver does no tarnish, any kind of sterling silver will certainly tarnish over time as a an outcome of the steel mixed in. However, happily there are many ways to store sterling silver from tarnishing.

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Does silver tarnish? This is a tricky question, together technically, tarnishing does not occur in pure silver. However, pure silver is too soft come be supplied in jewelry crafting. Therefore, jewelers will often include a tiny quantity of copper to strengthen the silver. The resulting product is .925 sterling silver, which contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. It is the major material offered for silver jewelry.

Unfortunately, since of the steels added, sterling silver, even real .925 sterling silver, will always tarnish.

Tarnishing thus does not average that the silver- is short purity. Moreover, together sterling silver- has greater percentage the silver, it will tarnish lot slower than silver of short purity. Therefore, sterling silver is quiet a wonderful an option of precious metals.


Silver tarnish is the discoloration that sterling silver items which have the right to take ~ above a yellow or black color tint. Return the pure silver in sterling silver- does no react and tarnish in ~ room temperature, the copper added can conveniently react v the salt and sulfur in the air, make sterling silver- rust.


Tarnishing have the right to take place also faster if sterling silver- come in call with detergents or cosmetics. Even just the chemicals in our sweat is sufficient to cause corrosion in silver- jewelry when worn.

The an excellent news is that v sterling silver, regular care can really slow down the tarnishing, unlike silver-plated jewel which will compromise no issue what. And even if your silver jewel has currently been spotted through tarnish, a an excellent home clean-up, or better, a expert polishing will easily make it look favor new.

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This describes why sterling silver jewelry stays a popular and budget-friendly alternative to white yellow or platinum. The is a go to steel for jewelry when you want a glamorous piece without break the bank.

HOW lengthy DOES it TAKE for STERLING silver- TO TARNISH?

It is hard to placed a an exact time frame on how fast silver gets tarnished. A number of things can influence the price of tarnish on silver. If girlfriend come into regular contact with chemicals, prefer going come the swimming pool or utilizing beauty commodities often, your silver is bound come tarnish faster. Make sure to take treatment of your valuable jewelry and keepsakes so the they deserve to look an excellent for many years.

HOW TO store STERLING silver FROM TARNISHING?Keep away from solution

Corrosion in sterling silver- takes location when silver gets into contact with salty solution or chemicals. Thus it is an extremely important to keep jewelry away from salt water or any kind of house products or toiletries solution.

Can friend shower with sterling silver? It’s basically fine. However we carry out not encourage our customers to wear your sterling silver when showering. Water generally doesn’t harm sterling silver, yet there is a great chance that it might lead come tarnishing.

In short, carry out not wear silver- in the shower head or as soon as doing dishes.


Avoid wearing jewelry in tasks that make you sweat, such together outdoor chores or sports.

Last to placed on, an initial to take off

Another important dominion to stop silver native tarnishing is that your jewelry have to be the last thing you put on, after applying make-up and perfume and also the very first to it is in taken off, before your shower or activities.


This is to staying clear of contact between any feasible chemicals or braided sweat and your silver.

Consider her home and work environment 

Examine your task or environment to see if you attend to chemicals or other solutions ~ above a constant basis. If that’s the case, eliminate your silver before working v chemicals. Because that example, civilization working in ~ cosmetics or perfume sales job might find themselves having to clean their silver jewelry much more regularly.


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If you room living in a fairly polluted environment, her jewelry might tarnish faster as result of high level that sulphur in the air. Together a result, it will certainly need an ext regular sprucing up as well.

It might just be your body chemicals

In some rare cases, specific people’s sweat could react more with silver, resulting in faster tarnishing. This can come to be even an ext pronounced if the human being is eating particular food or medication.

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Wear that regularly

After analysis all this tips, you might want to keep your sterling silver and never undertake it. Yet that’s the last thing you must do.

One that the finest ways to store sterling silver- beautiful is to wear it. As quickly as girlfriend wipe the off and take treatment of it, it need to look new and critical a long time.

In short, wear her jewelry sparingly only when required to stop silver indigenous tarnishing. Execute take them off at night, and keep castle wrapped under soft cloth in zipped bags to minimize reaction through the air.

Otherwise, prepare to polish and also clean them more regularly in bespeak to keep their perfect shine. In the following article, i will present you just how to polish silver.

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