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By Gary Paulsen

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The quick story "Stop the Sun" through Gary Paulsen is around a boy named Terry who father served in the Vietnam War and has the Vietnam Syndrome. Every once and a when his father"s eye "go away" and also he doesn"t move. The is yes, really embarrassed once this happens. It every started when they were at the mall and he went to one store and also his dad went to another. They were going to accomplish at the prior door after they were done shopping and also leave. When pertained to the former door his dad wasn"t there, therefore he waited a while and also then began to worry. He assumed he would inspect the hardware keep to see if he to be still shopping and found a huge crowd of world there. The made his way to the prior of the crowd and saw his dad over there on the ground. His mommy took him house in a taxi. This was simply the start of every the time his dad"s eyes would roll back and the wouldn"t move.


In the beginning of the story terrycloth doesn"t understand anything about the Vietnam Syndrome or why his dad"s eyes dissapear. This is due to the fact that his parents have actually never said him and also his mom acts favor nothing taken place when that does happen. He really desires to know however he is to afraid to ask. One day he gets sufficient courage to ask his mom around it however she doesn"t tell him much of anything. She just said that it is because of the war and also he didn"t prefer to talk around it. He required to know about his dad or he would certainly explode, for this reason one time as soon as he was talking to his dad that asked his around the war and why his eye"s go away. His dad got really mad and also started come talk around how devastating it was in Vietnam and also how nobody that wasn"t over there would ever before know how poor it was. Then he speak Terry about when his group was walking v a rice paddy in the evening and he was ambushed by the Vietcong. They to be shooting mortars and device guns at them and the only thing he could do to safeguard himself to be to put on the floor motionless. The Vietcong maintained shooting mortars and machine guns. That knew that they couldn"t view he was alive in the dark yet when it to be light again they would certainly come back and look because that the survivors. If he might just avoid the sun from rising again he could make it the end alive. Every night he concentrated every one of his power on stoping the sun. Once morning came he had not quit the sun and some males from the Vietcong came. He hid self under a dead body to make himself look favor the countless dead soilders in the feild.

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Castle passed end him and did no shoot him. Out of his whole group of soldiers he to be the only one who survived.