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Components of clinical Words

Most clinical terms room compound words consisted of of source wordswhich are combined with prefixes (at the begin of a word) andsuffixes (at the finish of a word). Hence medical terms that might atfirst seem very facility can be damaged down right into their componentparts to give you a straightforward idea of your meaning. For example theword neuroblastoma

neuro- way nerveblast- relates come immature cells-oma means tumour.

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therefore by breaking under a complex word we can see thatneuroblastoma literally means a tumour made up of immature nervecells.

To take it another type of tumour: osteogenic sarcoma

osteo- way bone-genic means creating / causingThus we have the right to see the this is a bone developing tumour.All clinical terms have a root word. Castle may likewise have aprefix, a suffix, or both a prefix and also a suffix.

Prefixes have actually a droppable "o", which action to affix the prefix to root words which start with a consonant. As a general rule, the "o" is dropped once connecting come a source word start with a vowel (a, e, i, i, u).

Etymology is the study of the history of words, their origins, and how their form and an interpretation have changed over time. Most clinical words have from old Greek and also Latin.

Root Words

Some instances of root words:-

componentmeaningexampleBLAST- germ, immature cabinet blastoma = a cancer do of immature cellsCARCIN- cancer carcinogenic = cancer causingCARDIO- love cardiotoxicity = toxicity come the heartCYTO- cell cytotoxic = toxicity to the cellDERMA- skin dermatitis = inflammation of the skinHISTIO- tissue histology = study of tissueHEPATI- liver hepatoblastoma = liver cancerMALIGN- bad / harmful malignant = growing, spreadingNEPHRO- kidney nephrotoxic = harmful come the kidneysNEURO- nerves neurob1ast = an immature nerve cellONCO- mass / tumour oncology = the study of cancerOSTEO- bone / bony tissue osteosarcoma = bone cancerPAED- son paediatric oncology = examine of childhood cancerSARCO- tissue sarcoma = tumour of bone, muscle, or connective tissueTOXO- toxicity toxicology = research of poisons


Some examples of suffixes:-

componentmeaningexample-AEMIA condition of blood leukaemia = cancer that blood cells-ECTOMY excision / removed nephrectomy = excision of a kidney-ITIS inflammation hepatitis = inflammation that the liver-OLOGY study / science of cytology = the research of cells-OMA tumour retinoblastoma = tumour the the eye-PATHY disease neuropathy = disease of the worried system-OSIS disease /condition necrosis = dying cells


Some instances of prefixes:-

componentmeaningexampleAN-, A- without / lack of anaemia = absence of red blood cellsAB- away from abnormal = away from the normalAD- close to / towards adrenal gland = gland near to the kidneyBI- two / both bilateral Wilm"s = tumour in both kidneysDYS- complicated / ache dysfunction = not working properlyECTO- external ectopic pregnant = external the uterine cavityENDO- inside endoscope = an tool to look inside the body cavities or organsEPI- upon epidermis = the outer layer the skinHYPER- excessive / above hyperglycaemia = extreme blood street levelsHYPO- beneath / listed below hypodermic = injection listed below the skinINTER- between intercostal = between the ribsINTRA- in ~ / inside intravenous = into a veinPARA- beside, about, near parathyroid = alongside the thyroid glandPERI- roughly pericardium = membrane around the heartPRE- before prenatal = prior to birthPOST- after short article surgical stage = phase after surgerySUB- under / below submucosa = tissue listed below mucus membraneSYN- together with syndrome = team of symptoms occurring together

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