1. Corporations have the right to sue and be sued.2. Corporations can go into contracts.3. Companies are different entities.

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One the the crucial questions in the area the investments contains the potential risks and also reward linked with investing in _____ assets.
If you rental a real estate firm to sell your house, you are many apt to conference which among the following?
1. Most of the buying and selling is done by the dealer.2. Numerous dealers are additionally connected electronically.
1. Proceeds from the sale of securities goes to the issuing firm.2. That is the sector where initial public offerings space made.
According to the textbook, which of the complying with is not among the three key questions handle if you wanted to begin your own business?
How numerous employees will I need? (1.Where will long-term financing be derived to pay for investments? 2.How will everyday financial tasks be handled? 3.What irreversible investments have to be made?)
The relationship in between stockholders and also management can finest be described as one _____ relationship.
1. Check the validity the the jae won statements2. Be responsible because that errors in the yearly report
1. Every the partners share in gains or accident of the partnership.2. Every owner has limitless liability for every firm debts.
Which among these is an important mechanism provided by unhappy stockholders to replace present management?
The cost incurred as result of a problem of interest between stockholders and also management are referred to as ____ costs.
Ensuring the the certain has sufficient funds to proceed operations of day-to-day basis comes under the heading of _____ management.

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A(n) is______ someone various other than one owner or a creditor that potentially has actually a claim to the cash operation of the firm.