Protective, macrophagic cells the ingest bacteria and also other foreign debris and also present international molecules (immunogens) to the immune system

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Yellowish-orangish pigment not naturally developed by body. Why people and babies who eat carotene rich foodstuffs have one orange color
Reticular layer. Many of the dermis. Fairly distensible, however if extended too far, the tears causing stretch marks
Sensory nerves. Assist in proprioception (where you space in space). All info goes to main nervous system ( temp, pain, pressure)
Physics protection, hydroregulation, thermoregulation, cutaneous absorption, synthesis, sensory reception, communication
Skin is virtually waterproof, protecting native dehydration on dried land, and even native water absorption when immersed in water
1. With radiation indigenous dilated blood vessels2. Secretion and evaporation of perspiration3. Convection and conduction the heat directly through the skin
Steroid hormones and also fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) and clinically (lipid dissolve toxins, pesticides, hexane, benzene, medicinal patches)
Cutaneous receptors are abundant in dermis and hypodermis that the face, palms and also fingers of hands, soles of feet, and genitalia. They are much less abundant song earlier and earlier of neck
Mammary glands are committed __ glands that secrete milk throughout lactation under the affect of pituitary and also ovarian hormones
Increased activity by melanocytes, manufacturing of cholecalciferol through epidermal cells, sunburn, chromosomal damage in Germinative cell or melanocytes
The layer of the skin that includes bundles the collagen fibers and the protein elastin and also is responsible for the strength of the skin
A. Has many blood vesselsB. Permits independent activity of depth structuresC. Contains huge amounts that adipose tissueD. Is well gave with nerves that pass right into the skin
The gland becomes packed through secretory vessels and also then bursts, release the secretion and also destroying the cell


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