Magnetic field lines spread out out indigenous one pole, curve around the magnet, and also return to the various other pole. Arrows allude from the phibìc pole towards the south pole. Carefully spaced field lines show strength, when lines spaced much apart indicate weakness. Diagrams need to have field lines spaced so regarding indicate ar strength and with arrows showing ar direction.

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An atom is made up of a cell nucleus that includes protons and also neutrons and an outer an ar in which electrons move.
Atoms in materials that deserve to be used as magnets have actually unpaired electrons. Atoms in products that cannot be supplied as magnets have actually electrons that exist in pairs.
Explain why you are not left v one phibìc pole and one southern pole if you rest a magnet in half. Draw a chart to assistance your answer.
In a magnet, many domains room lined up in one direction, producing solid magnetic effects at the 2 poles. If the magnet breaks in half, the domain names in the two halves will certainly still be inside wall up the same way.
An aurora is a glowing an ar in the atmosphere caused by fee particles from the sun. When high-speed , fee particles acquire close to the atmoshphere, they communicate with atoms. This reasons some atoms to give off light.
Examine the chart below. Is the magnetic pole top top the left a north or south pole? space the 2 poles favor or unlike?
Arrows suggest to the left. Therefore, the magnetic pole top top the left is a southern magnetic pole. The two poles are unlike since magnetic filed lines leaving the north magnetic pole and also enter the south magnetic pole.
The north pole of a bar magnet is hosted next to one finish of an steel rod. Is the other finish of the steel rod a phibìc pole or a southern pole? Why?
The other finish of the stole rod i do not care a phibìc pole. The magnetic ar of the bar magnet reasons most of the domain in the iron rod come align, producing a south pole in the finish of the rod close to the bar magnet"s phibìc pole. At the very same time, the far finish of the steel rod i do not care a phibìc pole.

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A compass points north till a bar magnet is brought next to it. The compass needle is then attracted or repelled by the magnet. What inference can you make around the toughness of the magnetic fields of Earth and also the bar magnet?
The stamin of Earth"s magnetic field at Earth"s surface is less than the toughness of the surrounding bar magnet.
Cassia obtained her brother"s magnet. Once she changed it, it was barley magnetic. What might Cassia have done come the magnet?
What might happen to a metal pair of scissors if rubbed in one direction through the north pole the a magnet?


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