We will discusshere just how to find the perimeter of a square. Perimeterof a square is the full length (distance) the theboundary that a square.

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In a square every the sides room of equal lengths.



Perimeter the the square ABCD

                   = ab + BC + CD + AD

                   = 2 cm + 2 centimeter + 2 centimeter + 2 cm

                   = (2 × 4) cm

                   = 8 cm

Perimeter of a square is 4 time of s side.

Perimeter the a square = 4 × length of a side.

Let us take into consideration some the the examples on perimeter the a square:


1. every side that a square is 2.5 cm.Find that is perimeter.


Side= 2.5 cm

Therefore,perimeter the a square = 4 × length of a side

                                                = (4 × 2.5) cm

                                                = 10 cm

2. A rope of size 96 m was offered to fence a square garden. What is the length of the side of the garden?


Perimeter that the garden = length of the rope = 96 m

We recognize that perimeter of a square = 4 × size of a side

So, 4 × length of a next = 96 m

           Length that a next = \(\frac964\) m = 24 m

Therefore, length of the one next of the square form garden is 24 m.

3. find the perimeter of a square shaped playground whose every side length 12 m.


We understand a square has 4 equal sides. So, us can conveniently calculate the perimeter the a square.

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The formula because that finding the perimeter that a square is:

p = 4 × size of aside

   = 4 × 12 m

   = 48 m



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