the number is 12.A different interpretation of the wording gives the number as 48.Explanation:In order to uncover the number we have to write one equation.Define the change first.Let the number bex"A quotient" is the answer come a division. The is constantly used through the word and to show which numbers room being divided.If us break the details up into parts we have actually the following:Ten, less thequotient of a number and 3is 610,Less

means subtract something from 10.This could additionally be provided as "10 decreased by....."quotient of a number and also 3⇒x3is 6⇒

12The number is 12.

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Slightly different wording or interpretation might give:Ten less than the quotient the a number and also 3 is 610,Less than way subtract 10 indigenous something.This gives the equation as: x3−10=6 x3=6+10 x3=16 x=48
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Give the equation, in every 3 forms, the the line that is perpendicular come 3x-5y=-13 v the suggest (-9, 4)

Help v a practice test you re welcome help

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