I uncovered the illustration the is necessary to finish this exercise online. I included it here.

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1. Cierto.

2. Falso.

3. Cierto.

4. Falso.

5. Cierto.

6. Falso.

7. Falso.

8. Cierto.


In this exercise, you need to decide if the sentences space true or false depending upon the illustration.

Sentences 1, 3, 5 and 8 are true.

2. The is false since the man is analysis the newspaper.

4. It is false due to the fact that there are no males skiing.

6. That is false because there is no man diving.

7. The is false since there is no hockey team.



Un hombre nada en la piscina. Cierto

2. Un hombre lee una revista. Falso. Un hombre lee el periódico

3. Un chico pasea en bicicleta. Cierto

4. Dos muchachos esquían. Falso. Uno muchacha patina en línea

5. Tres personas visitan un monumento. Cierto. Una mujer y dos niños visitan un monumento

6. Un hombre bucea. Cierto.

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7. Hay un equipo de hockey. Falso

8. Una mujer toma el sol. Cierto




Problem 2-18 job-order costing for a service company speedy auto repairs offers a job-order costing system. The company"s straight materials consist of of instead of parts mounted in customer vehicles, and also its direct labor is composed of the mechanics" hourly wages. Speedy"s overhead prices include miscellaneous items, such together the shop manager"s salary, depreciation the equipment, utilities, insurance, and also magazine subscriptions and also refreshments because that the waiting room. The firm applies every one of its overhead prices to jobs based on direct labor-hours. At the beginning of the year, the made the complying with estimates: direct labor-hours compelled to support estimated output 10,000fixed overhead cost $ 90,000variable overhead price per direct labor-hour $ 1.00 required: 1. Compute the predetermined overhead rate.2. Throughout the year, mr. Wilkes lugged in his auto to replace his brakes, spark plugs, and tires. The adhering to information was obtainable with respect to his job: straight materials $ 600direct labor cost $ 180direct labor-hours provided 2 compute mr. Wilkes" full job cost. 3. If speedy creates its selling prices making use of a markup portion of 30% of its full job cost, then exactly how much would certainly it have actually charged mr. Wilkes?
Answers: 1
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Darby sporting products inc. Has actually been experiencing development in the need for its products over the last several years. The last two olympic gamings greatly raised the popularity of basketball around the world. Together a result, a european sporting activities retailing consortium entered into an covenant with darby"s roundball division to purchase basketballs and also other equipment on boosting basis over the next 5 years.to have the ability to meet the quantity commitments of this agreement, darby had to obtain additional manufacturing capacity. A actual estate firm situated an accessible factory in nearby proximity to darby"s roundball production facility, and darby agreed to purchase the factory and used machinery from encino athletic equipment firm on october 1, 2016. Renovations were necessary to transform the factory for darby"s manufacturing use.the regards to the commitment required darby to pay encino $50,000 as soon as renovations began on january 1, 2017, through the balance to it is in paid as renovations were completed. The in its entirety purchase price because that the factory and also machinery to be $400,000. The building renovations to be contracted come malone building and construction at $100,000. The payments made, together renovations progressed throughout 2017, are displayed below. The manufacturing facility was put in service on january 1, 2018.table: 1st row: empty | 1/1 | 4/1 | 10/1 | 12/312nd row: encino |$50,000 | $90,000 | $110,000 | $150,0003rd row: malone | blank | 30,000| 30,000 |40,000on january 1, 2017, darby secured a $500,000 line-of-credit with a 12% interest rate to finance the purchase price of the factory and also machinery, and also the remodeling costs. Darby attracted down top top the line-of-credit to accomplish the payment schedule presented above; this to be darby"s only outstanding loan throughout 2017.bob sprague, darby"s controller, will capitalize the maximum allowable interest expenses for this project. Darby"s policy about purchases of this nature is to usage the appraisal worth of the floor for book purposes and also prorate the balance of the purchase price over the continuing to be items. The structure had originally expense encino $300,000 and also had a net publication value of $50,000, when the machinery originally expense $125,000 and had a net publication value of $40,000 ~ above the date of sale. The soil was tape-recorded on encino"s books at $40,000. One appraisal, conducted by independent appraisers at the time of acquisition, valued the land at $290,000, the building at $105,000, and the machinery in ~ $45,000.angie justice, cook engineer, estimated that the renovated plant would be provided for 15 years, with an approximated salvage worth of $30,000. Justice approximated that the abundant machinery would have a remaining beneficial life the 5 years and a salvage value of $3,000. Darby"s depreciation policy specifies the 200% declining-balance technique for machinery and also the 150% declining-balance an approach for the plant. One-half year"s depreciation is take away in the year the plant is put in service, and one-half year is allowed when the property is disposed of or retired. Darby uses a 360-day year because that calculating attention costs.instructions(a) identify the quantities to be tape-recorded on the publications of darby sporting goods inc. As of december 31, 2017, because that each that the following properties obtained from encino athletic devices company.1.land.2.buildings.3.machinery.(b) calculation darby sporting goods inc."s 2018 depreciation expense, for publication purposes, for each that the properties acquired from encino athletic tools company.(c) comment on the debates for and versus the capitalization of interest costs
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Franklin painting agency is considering even if it is to purchase a brand-new spray paint maker that costs $4,800. The maker is meant to save labor, raising net revenue by $720 every year. The effective life the the device is 15 year according to the manufacturer’s estimate. Required determine the unadjusted price of return based on the average expense of the investment.