Originally Answered: Which indigenous becomes shorter when you add 2 letters to it? The answer is words “short”. It i do not care “shorter” once we include the 2 letters ‘e’ and also ‘r’ come it..

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When there is much more of me over there is less to see?

The more there is the much less you see. What is it? Darkness. There more darkness over there is, the less you have the right to see.

When perform you include two letters to a word, it becomes shorter?

The indigenous “short” i do not care “ shorter ” as soon as two (2) letter are included to it. C.H. Cheat question: the answer is “short.” What native becomes shorter when you add two letters to it Brainly? short is a five- letter word, andbecomes much shorter if you just include the last 2 letters E and R.

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Which is much longer er or ER as soon as you add two letters?

If your include two letters to shorter it would be longer yet when you include ER to short it becomes shorter. Brief is the appropriate answer. No one of this are appropriate – the answer would certainly be short due to the fact that if you add 2 letter to it, especially -er, the word becomes the word shorter

What happens once you add a letter to a 5 letter word?

FIVE LETTER indigenous RIDDLE – In this write-up we room going come answer a tricky riddle that asks for a 5 letter word that becomes shorter when you add a letter come it. Between the coronavirus pandemic, several riddles came to be popular in society media. As millions are put under quarantine, it’s an excellent to have some psychological exercise.

What are two words when merged hold the most letters?

The price is “the letter E”. Everything begins with ‘E’. Everywhere ends through ‘E’. Eternity begins with ‘E’. & Finally, Time and room ends through ‘E’. . Say thanks to you.