Ah, the humble bobby pin, a household name—not to cite a clip of vanities, backstage areas and stylist’s kit everywhere. Amazing just how something so small is able to adjust the history of hairdressing forever: This tiny pin, also referred to together the Kirby grip or hair tight in England, packs fairly the punch for both hold and also style. It has actually been responsible for successfully locking numerous hairstyles in place with minimum effort, come the joy of brides, runway models and also oh, basically every other gal on the world (along v the sometimes amateur sleuth or two).

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What is a Bobby Pin?

Bobby pins or hair pins are metal (or periodically plastic) clips made through two versatile prongs, with one prong commonly straight and also one ridged. They are normally slid right into a hairstyle to host it in place.

Several sport on the plain bobby pin have because been invented, however the original pin pertained to the fore throughout the rotate of the 19th century. Designed by cosmetics manufacturer luis Marcus, it got popularity throughout the Flapper era in post-World war I when short, bobbed hair became popular. Women offered his clip to layout their bobs and also hold their short hair in place, hence giving way to the hair pin’s new—and longest-lasting—nickname. Unobtrusive and also extremely straightforward to master, it’s come to be a must-have in practically every modern-day boudoir.

Contemporary supplies of the Bobby Pin

Invented as a coiffure tool, nowadays human being have also been utilizing the bobby pin together a comfortable aid for every sorts of points that need a particular precision. Indigenous threading laces to picking locks come squeezing out that critical ribbon of toothpaste, there seems to be no finish to its use, with people continuous finding means to improve almost any chore or job with the help of a hair pin.

But our favorite uses, that course, show off the genius ways this pin have the right to upgrade a look. Native reinforced Marcel tide to budge-free updos that last native coffee to cocktails, scroll down for a few of our favorite bobby pin looks. Have the right to you say pin-up?

7 Trendy Bobby Pin Looks

The criss-crossed half-updo.
The stack barrette. Picture credit: indigitalimages.com
The accordion part. Photograph credit: indigitalimages.com
The faux side shave.
The finger wave look. Picture credit: indigitalimages.com
The “Nancy” twist. Picture credit: Netflix
The faux bob. Picture credit: Verity mrs Smith

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