"One that those moment you'll never forget": psychic Bolt's Beijing 100mBeijing 2008 | Olympic Games

Records Tumble

Beijing to be the gamings of records and also superlatives. The opened Ceremony to be unforgettable; the athletes’ achievements were astonishing, the organisation was excellent; the venues, breathtaking and also the anti-doping tests to be stricter. Several hundred million watched an international on TV as much more than 40 people records and also over 130 Olympic documents were broken.

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Modern and also Ancient

The national Stadium, nick-named the “Bird’s Nest”, and the nationwide Swimming Centre, well-known as the “Water Cube”, to be both stunning symbols of the new Beijing. In cycling, the road race followed the good Wall and also passed in prior of the “Forbidden City”—two signs of the thousand-year-old background of the city.

Beijing 2008 Olympic games Legacy

Discover the lasting tradition that this version of the Olympic Games created for that is hosts.

First Medals

A document 204 nationwide Olympic Committees took part in the Games. Part 87 the them commemorated their medal-winning athletes. Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Mauritius and Togo all knowledgeable podium finishes because that the very first time. Tajikistan winner its an initial medals thanks to Rasul Boqiev in judo and also Yusup Abdusalomov in wrestling; Afghanistan stepped up on to the podium thanks to Rohullah Nikpai in taekwondo.

However, Mongolia and also Panama controlled to walk one far better with their athletes bringing house their country’s an initial Olympic gold. Badar-Uugan Enkhbat in boxing and Tuvshinbayar Naidan in judo to be the very first athletes native Mongolia to win a yellow medal at the Olympic Games; just like Bahrain v Rachid Ramzy in athletics. Because that the afri continent, Bruno Julie in boxing and Benjamin Boukpeti in canoe/kayak readily available Mauritius and also Togo dong their an initial Olympic medals, if Panama take it its first gold medal in athletics.

Memorable Champions

There were many memorable champions, yet it was Michael Phelps and also Usain Bolt that stole the headlines. Phenomenal U.S. Swimmer Michael Phelps bettered mark Spitz’s accomplishment at the 1972 Munich gamings by claiming eight swim golds, and the significant Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt damaged both the 100m and 200m civilization records and claimed a 3rd gold and also record through the Jamaican 4 x 100m relay team.

NOCs: 204

Athletes: 10,942 (4,637 women, 6,305 men)

Events: 302

Volunteers: 100,000 (70,000 Olympic Games, 30,000 Paralympic Games)

Media: 24,562 accredited media representing 159 countries

New events at the Games

The 10km swim marathon and also BMX. Dutchman Maarten van Der Weijden won the men’s 10km marathon, while in the women’s race, the title saw Russia’s Larisa Ilchenko. In BMX – quick for bike Moto overcome – it to be France’s Anne-Caroline Chausson who came to be the very first Olympic champion. For the men, this honour went to Latvia’s Maris Strombergs.

The Oldest human being Record Smashed in Swimming

The women’s 800m record had actually been held by Janet Evans (USA) for practically 20 years. However in Beijing, good Britain’s Rebecca Adlington smashed this record, which had actually been set in 1989 as soon as she was just six months old. In 2008, in the 800m final, Rebecca Adlington improved on the ahead time by more than two seconds, v a new time of 8:14.10. She take it the gold medal in the 800m and in the 400m, and became the very first British gold medallist in women’s swimming because 1960.

The Oldest and also Youngest Participant in the Games

In Beijing, nearly 50 years separated the oldest from the youngest athlete: Japanese steed rider Hiroshi Hoketsu took part in his third Olympic games at the period of 67, whilst Cameroon swimmer, Antoinette Joyce Guedia Mouafo participated in the games for the very first time at the tender period of 12.

Age is no Necessarily a Disadvantage

With his nine participation in the Games and also at the age of 61, Canada’s Ian Millar won his first medal in the team jumping event. At 33, and with her fifth participation in the Games, Germany’s Oxsana Chusovitina won the silver medal in imaginative gymnastics, while U.S. Swimmer Dara Torres took 3 silver medals in ~ the period of 41.

Ultramodern sports Facilities and Thousand-year-old History

The nationwide Stadium, re-named the “Bird’s Nest”, and the nationwide Swimming Centre, recognized as the “Water Cube”, to be avant-garde models of sporting activities architecture and the signs of the brand-new Beijing. In cycling, for the road race, the organisers decided to monitor the an excellent Wall and pass in prior of the “Forbidden City”—two symbols of the thousand-year-old history of the city.

Thirty-seven venues, 6 of i beg your pardon were exterior Beijing, held the competitions: specific Hong Kong for the equestrian events and Qingdao because that the sailing; and Tianjin, Shanghai, Qinhuangdao and also Shenyang for the football matches. 6 of the sports infrastructure located on the city’s college campuses are offered by students ~ the Games.

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8 respectable 2008, Beijing, opening Ceremony that the games of the XXIXe Olympiad. The last runner of the Olympic Torch relay Li Ning prepares to light the Olympic cauldron.

Official opened of the gamings by:

President that the People's Republic that China Hu Jintao