Gol D. Roger adversary fruit! (The mystery of Roger) | One Piece

Does Gol D. Roger have actually a devil fruit, if the price is correctly so what’s Gol D roger evil one fruit? first of every Gol D roger has actually no evil one fruit instead he has Haki and also let me tell girlfriend something.

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You recognize what Whitebeard adversary fruit is doing ideal so it’s the same with the Haki of Gol D. Roger just his Haki reason a the majority of weather fluctuations but just wait i will define everything.

Roger execution

Gol D i get it Power

Gol D. Roger the guy who had everything in One Piece other than health for this reason he offers oneself approximately Marines voluntarily so climate they execute him.

Imagine v me collection the strength of Shanks, Kaido, Whitebeard, big mom every can’t get to Roger’s strength the male who arrives right into Raftel (Laugh Tale) and also found the One Piece.

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Gol D Roger adversary fruit

So many people are wonder if Gol D. Roger has a adversary fruit and some guys say the his adversary fruit is Mera Mera No Mi (The fruit that Ace, currently it’s Sabo’s fruit)

Gol D roger

and this is their excuse, since they witnessed the fire went out however it’sjust because of his royal Haki, it’s typical from that to feeling mad due to the fact that he was talking around his child.

Now let’s take a look at the Haki of Ace as soon as he conserved Luffy:


So it’s not Ace Fruit yet some that you will say that Roger has actually a terrifying power and also you’ll suppose that that must have actually a adversary fruit.

I’ll speak yes roger was the end of the ordinary yet it didn’t was devil fruit.

Some civilization indicate handcuffs that roger was bound by together proof the he is using devil fruit castle say that they are “Kairoseki Seastone“. I’ll speak if lock were no Kairosekihandcuffs due to the fact that even if lock were yes, really Kairoseki, the power of roger will decrease.

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Roger vs Whitebeard

So together you have the right to see, Roger’s Haki is more than that since he is the strongest guy there, his true Haki can cause hurricanes and thunderstorms.

One the the things that aided Roger to become the king is the capability to hear whatever the same as Luffy.

In the early starts of Roger, he can hear the voices of sea kings and also Poneglyph however he couldn’t control this until many years passed alongside prediction Haki so gathering those he have the right to take correct decisions.

Roger vs Shiki

As we also saw roger vs Shiki, look in ~ What taken place to Shiki and also his crew:

Shiki vs Roger

As Oda claimed Shiki’s crew and also ships destroyed just by part hurricanes and thunderstorms so maybe it is 90% his strength the evidence is i get it ship didn’t relocate or obtain damaged.

Roger loss everyone beginning from pirates till Marines however I have a question, can Roger defeat Imu-Sama?


Roger crew didn’t have anyone using evil one fruits that’s why they were surprised as soon as they heard about it, they also said the just foul that will eat it and lose his swim abilities.

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The strength of Roger and the mystery is that he understand Royal haki, Hardening Haki, forecast Haki. We have the right to say the is the master of Haki that’s why he is therefore powerful.