And the weird English indigenous you simply learned? Yeah, they’re strange, however you can still usage them.

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I’m talking about some simple, an easy phrases the everyone learns, however are usually never usedin actual conversations.

Then why walk we ever learn them?

They carry out a base to helpbeginners recognize grammar and sentence patterns. Afterwards, most students learn exactly how to say more advanced, personalphrases, for this reason they have the right to leave the basic behind. It’s just aproblem once students save using these an easy phrases rather ofusing yes, really words.

Don’t problem though, we’ll call you exactly why you need to stop using each phrase, and give friend several choices that you have the right to say instead.

Ready? Well, let’s start with an easy one.

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5 English Phrases everyone Learns but No One need to Use

Before you acquire to recognize what you shouldn’t use, have actually a look at the video clip from’s English YouTube channel to discover some phrase you should definitely use: English will only teach friend stuff indigenous speakers use. Check out the channel and also subscribe today. You’ll it is in amazed at every the goodies (good things) they have there!

Recognizing and avoiding the phrases listed below is crucial way to make your English sound more natural. Choose we said above, we’ll offer you lot of of choices that you have the right to use, too.

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1. Hello. Just how are you?


It’s an innocent question, right?

It’s a questionthat students tend to ask your teachers every day in ~ the start of class. Every Englishteacher has heard this question asked numerous thousands of times. That’s the problem, it’s used too lot by ESL students.

It’s such a common and overusedquestion that it’s no much longer a an excellent question.At best, the speak sounds like a robot and at worst, the speaker sound bored.

The most basic fixis to do thequestion longer.The longer the question, thebetter. No to mention, you’ll sound favor you yes, really care about the answer.

Here are a few alternative questions to ask instead:

How are you doing today?How room you law this morning?How space you law this afternoon?How room you law this evening?

Beginning with words “Hello” is part of what makes the phrasesound unnatural and also robotic. Instead, with friends shot “Hey,” “Hi” or “Hey there.”

Then, you can alsochange the concern completely:

Hey, how’s that going?Hi, how are friend doing?Hi, just how are friend doing lately?

There are lots of alternatives out there for greeting someone.

But no issue what, please protect against using the expression “Hello, just how are you?” It’s the very first thing the English student learn and it must be the very first thing youreplace v a new phrase. Over there are more than enough optionsso that you’ll never have to say, “Hello. Just how are you?”ever again.

2. I’m fine. (And you?)


If “Hello. Just how are you?” was the worst opening question someone can ask, climate “I’m fine” is the for sure worst answer the anyone have the right to give.It’s so negative that many instructors contact it the “conversation killer.”

Instead, talk around anything else.Just broke up with your girlfriend? point out it here.Bought a brand-new car? Brag a small bit. Walking to clock the soccer video game tonight? to speak that! over there is no limit to what you have the right to say in response to “How room you?”

Not great, i just broke up v my girlfriend.I just got a brand-new car. It’s awesome.I’m doing pretty good. In fact, I’m walking to clock a soccer video game tonight.I’ve to be better. Ns think I’m getting sick.

When human being ask “How space you?,” don’t be fear to lug up some recent good news. Talk around how you just celebrated your daughter’s birthday or just how you got a new high score on super Mario. Have fun v the answer.

Say anything besides a memorized response.

Sometimes your answer to “How are you?” will adjust depending on who asks girlfriend the question, so inspect out these possible answersbased on exactly how formal you must be.

And no matter just how you answer,you should always ask “How around you?” in return. It’s the polite point to do.

3. How old are you?


Age is a very an effective thing.

In some components of the world it is important, when in other parts that isn’t at all. Yet in some culturesit’s rude to ask a person just how old castle are, so you have to be careful.

In situation you really require to understand someone’s age, over there are far better options. Because that example:

Didyou walk to college/university? (Where did you go? What did friend study?)

Then, you deserve to ask,“When did you graduate?”

If you know the human being when to college, anotherquestion you could ask is:

How long has actually it been since you graduated?

There are many other ways you can figure out more or less exactly how old who is. If they have actually children, ask exactly how old the kids are. You can also ask, “How old were you when…?” to uncover out about the person’s past.

How old were you once you started teaching?How old to be you once you took your an initial flight?How old were you once you moved to Vermont?

It’s a bit much more work, i know. However it’s worth it to protect against offending the human you are talking to. Of course, waiting until the topic comes up normally helps too.Almost something works far better than asking the question directly.

Personally, I constantly tell studentsnot to asking “How old space you?”It must come increase in conversation normally or not at all. No matter how curious you may be, simply forget the question and talk about something rather instead.

4. Space you native ____?


Here’s a huge one that gets asked too often.Grammatically, there’s nothing wrong with this question. However what the really means is:

I think you’re from _____. Room you?

I’m going come say this once. Nobody should ever ask this question, ever. There’s no factor to expression this question favor this.

Many human being ask this question to civilization they fulfill for the first time. And most of the time, world feel at least a small insulted. Also if you’re right, the person might feel offended. So this is never ever the right means to ask.

Instead, try one of these questions:

Where space you from?Where go you thrive up?

These inquiries are lot better. The chances of insulting who are very low.

Asking a person’s nationality can be a perceptible topic. But handled carefully, it usually isn’t a large deal. Still, it’s more secure to it is in considerateof others when asking.

5. Did friend eat dinner?


Before i jump into the explanation, I’d like you to understand that this question isn’t simply for dinner. The word “dinner” can be adjusted out because that anything else prefer lunch, breakfastorcoffee.

Now ns know, the looks like a simple and unauthorized question. The problem is that this inquiry is part of a set:

A:Did girlfriend eat dinner? B: No, i haven’t yet. A:Well, would you like to eat dinner together?

If who answers through a “yes” come the first question, there is no factor to ask come eat together. But, if who answers through a “no,” the speaker should ask the second question. Questioning someone if they’ve eaten dinnerwithout then questioning them to eat with you is taken into consideration rude.

So if you perform not desire to invite the person to eat v you (you just want to understand if they’ve eaten or not), there are other options. Here are a few other questions to asking instead:

Did you get a opportunity to eat yet?Did you gain some breakfast/lunch/dinner?What did friend grab forbreakfast/lunch/dinner?

For more formal or basic situations, use thefollowing concerns or sport of them:

Where walk you go to eat?Where did you go for breakfast/lunch/dinner?What did friend eat?How was breakfast this morning?How was having lunch today?

Noneof these inquiries require an invite to eat together. In fact, if someone answers “no” you deserve to just answer with, “Aw, that’s also bad.” below are a couple of options for a follow up:

For “no” answers:

Well, would like to get some ____ v me?Oh, that’s too bad.You need to probably get some ____.

For “yes” answers:

That’s good. What’d friend eat?Great, exactly how was it?

Remember, there’s no factor to questioning “Did girlfriend eat dinner?” over there are more than enough options that are lot better.

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And there you have it, 5 phrases friend have certainly learned, yet should never use.They’re not terribly tough to re-learn, either, i m sorry is the add to sign.

Get offered to speak the alternative options because that these fivephrases, and also you’ll be speaking the much an ext like a native!

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