Microsoft has re-instated the cost-free Robux promotion through a new Microsoft Rewards system. Walking forward, players may redeem 100, 200, 400, 800, or 1,000 Robux Digital Codes through saving sufficient points earned through Microsoft Rewards.

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Update Feb. 18

More redemption point out added Promotion quiet going

This promo is available only to U.S. players,it reverted on Tuesday, Feb. 9 and over there is no end day announced at this point.We indicate taking advantage of this promotion as soon as possible, as the Microsoft Rewards Robux promotion frequently last for a few days!

What is Microsoft Rewards?

To obtain Robux for complimentary in Roblox, you have to sign up because that Microsoft Rewards, a free program from Microsoft. You"ll earn five points for every search on, among many other tasks detailed below. As you conserve up points, you"ll invest them toward special provides within the Microsoft store online and in windows 10. Several of these rewards walk toward:

Roblox Digital Codes. Sweepstakes (toward a chance at to win an Xbox series console, a surface Pro X bundle, and also more). Xbox Cards: Xbox Live, video game Pass. Several gift cards towards your favourite stores (Hulu, Dunkin" Donuts, Taco Bell, Starbucks, etc.).

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Microsoft Rewards: how to gain Robux for complimentary in Roblox (U.S. Only)


Microsoft only provides this Roblox promo to U.S. Players. girlfriend no longer need to it is in a first time Microsoft member. Users v existing Microsoft accounts will still have the ability to redeem Roblox Digital Codes.

Here"s a look at at just how to obtain Robux for complimentary in Roblox v Microsoft Rewards:

complete Microsoft Rewards activities to knife points. See the various means to earn points below. got to the Redeem page when you"ve earned sufficient Microsoft Rewards points. you must have actually earned 1,500, 3000, or 6,000, 12,000, or 15,000 Microsoft Rewards points.


Click the Roblox Digital Code option.


choose the amount of Robux you wish to redeem. Check order once ready. her Robux eGift Card will be sent out as one email. go into the PIN that was detailed in your email and also complete the Verification. Your free Robux will show up in the top-right corner of the Roblox client.

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Roblox Digital password Price List

Here"s a look at the Price list for the Roblox Digital Codes. You have the right to choose in between three tiers of Robux, depending upon how numerous Microsoft Rewards clues you have actually saved.

The cost-per-points because that Robux digital codes room as follows:

1,500 clues = 100 Robux 3,000 point out = 200 Robux 6,000 point out = 400 Robux 12,000 points = 800 Robux 16,000 point out = 1,000 Robux

These alternatives are an expensive quantity of points, but the price looks well worth it.

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How to knife Microsoft Rewards for free Robux

Here"s a look at at every the methods you have the right to earn point out in Microsoft Rewards:

complete the Daily collection activities. Finish all the tasks in the "More activities" section. Finish quests and punch cards. Earn 5 points because that every search you make on Make certain you space logged in come the correct Microsoft account!

If you job-related to complete these tasks every day, that shouldn"t take too lengthy to redeem your complimentary Robux.

If you"re looking cost-free rewards in your favorite Roblox games, we have actually a ton of complimentary codes in ourRoblox game Codespost! girlfriend can also get a bunch of totally free stuff via ourRoblox Promo codes page. Trying to find deals on gaming products? Visit our ideal Gaming Deals web page for the latest deals!