a word created from the initial letters or groups of letter of indigenous in a collection phrase or series of words and pronounced as a different word, as Wac native Women's military Corps,OPEC from company of Petroleum Exporting Countries, or loran indigenous long-range navigation.

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a collection of initials representing a name, organization, or the like, with each letter pronounce separately; one initialism.

There really could be a entirety separate hunterriverpei.com for the variety of acronyms and abbreviations world use today. However what is the actual difference between abbreviations and acronyms?

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OTHER WORDS indigenous acronym

ac·ro·nym·ic, a·cron·y·mous , /əˈkrɒn ə məs/, adjectiveac·ro·nym·i·cal·ly, adverb
acromphalus, acromyotonia, acron, acroneurosis, acronychal, acronym, acroosteolysis, acropachyderma, acroparaesthesia, acroparesthesia, acropathy

An acronym is a word developed by abbreviating a phrase by combining certain letters of indigenous in the expression (often the first initial of each) right into a solitary term.

Common examples of acronyms encompass NASA (an acronym because that National Aeronautics and space Administration) and also FOMO (a slang acronym for fear of absent out). Words scuba comes from an acronym for self-contained underwater breath apparatus.

Although acronym is occasionally used typically to express to any type of term created from this type of abbreviation, it generally refers to ones that can be pronounced together a word. This is periodically contrasted through an initialism.

What’s the difference between an acronym and also an initialism?

Initialism is sometimes used as a synonym for acronym, but most technically it refers to an abbreviation in which every initial is pronounced separately (instead of express them with each other as a single word, together in scuba or NASA). Because that example, FBI is an initialism that Federal office of Investigation; TMI is one initialism of too much information.

Acronyms are often connected with their usage in specific fields that use a lot of technical terms, choose science, tech, and also the military. Yet they’re renowned in every kinds the contexts since they’re an easy means to make long phrases lot shorter.

Example: STEM is an acronym that represents “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.”

The very first records of the word acronym come native the 1940s. It originates from a mix of acr- (a variant of acro–, meaning “tip end” and also referring to making use of the very first letters of every word in a phrase) and –onym, an interpretation “name” (as checked out in words like synonym, antonym, and also pseudonym).

Some typical words began as acronyms: radar originates from an acronym because that radio detection and ranging; laser comes from an acronym because that lightwave amplification by stimulated emission the radiation. As you have the right to see in these 2 terms, acronyms are not constantly formed from simply the very first initial of each word, and also not every indigenous in the phrase always contributes a letter. Over there aren’t any strict rules—acronyms are commonly formed in whatever way results in a native that’s easy to say.

This is the many technical sense of acronym—an abbreviation pronounced as a word. But it’s frequently used in a more general way to to express to any abbreviation, together as typical text and chat abbreviations prefer brb and ttyl. This are more technically dubbed initialisms.

Some abbreviations have the right to be pronounced both as single words and letter-by-letter. Because that example, ASAP (for as shortly as possible) is typically pronounced A-S-A-P, but it can additionally be pronounce AY-sap. Still, terms choose brb, ttyl, and also ASAP are frequently thought of together acronyms.

Acronyms are commonly used to abbreviate organization names, however they’re used in all various contexts, including science, the military, government, slang, and also pop culture.

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Sometimes, people shot to insurance claim that a native actually come from one acronym once it yes, really didn’t. This is dubbed a backronym. Renowned examples encompass the word posh, i m sorry is stated to come indigenous the expression port out, starboard home, and tag, i m sorry is claimed to be an acronym for touch and go. Neither of these are true.