SC_Outlander “Da Mi Basia Mille, Dein Mille Altera.” Still right here mainly for my friends and the great Outlander fanfics
hi Jess, what perform modesty pouch yes, really look like? I just finished season 1 and also boy, those sex scenes looked means TOO REAL. I can\"t wrap my head roughly the truth that over there private components were covered! (0.0)


And let’s no forget what Sam had actually to speak in Elle magazine (April 2016)about the subject:

Have girlfriend had any type of issues v your “modesty pouch?”

Sam:It’s quite complicated. You’ve got to perform a many tying and also untying and—

It’s not just a flesh-colored sock?

Sam:It’s favor a sock, yet you’ve acquired to tie the on and also you desire it to it is in pretty tight. To it is in honest, the tighter the is, the better. That reduces any type of chances of enjoy it yourself as well much.

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might 19th, 2016

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Colder Weather - part 2/4 (Part 1)A/N:
kkruml This fic wouldn’t exist without you. Say thanks to YOU for constantly being a hearne ear. You space the BOMB.

and wonders if she love is solid enough to make him stayShe’s answered by the tail lightsShining with the home window pane

‘Jenny, it’s me.’ the said right into the phone, his voice monotone and cold.

‘Brother…. Is that truly? Where room ye?’ Jenny claimed – he might hear the hitch in she voice together she tried come fight earlier the tears, the anger, the years of longing.

‘Edinburgh. Simply landed critical night. Ns ken there’s a many I should fill ye in on, but just dinna questioning me any kind of questions right now. My heart canna take it it.’

‘I’ll be over there in an hour.’ Was every she had said together she headed because that the door.

The auto ride earlier to Lallybroch had been silent. His love ached, driving with the Highland region once more, the should have actually felt in ~ home, however he couldn’t have felt additional away if he had tried.

“Ye’ve been silent the whole ride home. Ye space quiet the shock too. Last us heard…. Jamie, a couple of months earlier the unique Air Services verified up at our door to tell united state ye to be dead. And now yer here.”

“I… i know, Janet.” Jamie snapped as he placed his hands on his head, resting his forehead on the dashboard. “It was an op in Iran. I…Canna give ye numerous details.”

“National Security, right?”

“Aye.” Jamie fifty percent laughed. “A helo go down. Ns was…. Caught in some gunfire. Lucky enough some navy Seals were with us, they saved us. But I had actually to be known as deceased for a variety of reasons. They told me they werena going come tell mine family… but it to be leaked come the press….”

“May of last year. I remember see it ~ above the news. The was yer accident, dear GOD Jamie. Ye had actually to go v all that healing and recovery…..all alone.”

“The Taliban had actually to think ns was dead… There was no other way.”

Jenny traction the car into the driveway, turning the engine off. She looked up together she observed Ian watching from the window, wee Jamie in his arms.

Jamie turned come her, his eyes filled with tears, the memories the haunted him at the forefront of his mind.

“Come here, brother. Lay her head.” Jenny comforted him, together he inserted his head on her lap, letting the sobs crash over him.

His sister soothed his battered heart for the time being, only Claire might mend the shattered pieces of his soul earlier together though - to do him totality again, to truly live.

Once he had let the tears run dry, he sat up, kissing Jenny softly on the cheek.

“I am so glad ye dinna really die on me, Jamie.”

“Me too, lass, me too.”

“Are ye prepared to go satisfy your namesake and see yer brother in-law again?”


They to walk in to the residence – and after being gone for years, no a solitary thing had actually changed. Lallybroch was simply as the remembered it.

“Jamie.” Ian stated as he pulled his dearest friend in to a hug. “Ye canna do that again come us, perform ye hear?”

“I hear ye, i do. I’m happy to see yer act well.”

“Better currently that yer below with us……” Ian said as wee Jamie wrapped himself roughly his father’s calf. “Jamie…. I want ye to fulfill yer Uncle Jamie.”

Jamie smiled together he squatted, difficult his hand the end to his nephew. “I’m yer uncle, lad.”

“Unca Jawmie!” The toddler squealed as he threw himself into his uncle’s arms.

“Told ye they were reduced from the very same Fraser cloth, Jenny.” Ian laughed as Jamie scooped the toddler in his arms and also they made their means into the dining room.

Dinner to be served and also stories called of war – some good, some bad, and all the in between.

Ian excused himself together wee Jamie threw himself on the floor, pouting over not wanting to go to bed.

“Off with ye.” Jenny said, choose him increase from the floor and also placing him into his father’s arms.

“Well…” Jamie claimed as they make their way to the life room. He sat himself down on the couch, stretching out all his extremities.

Jenny sat throughout from him on the love seat, kicking she feet up onto the coffee table.

“Weel, we have actually talked out all the small talk. I have a inquiry I am gonna ask ye.”

Jamie rolling his eyes together he laid out on the couch. “I figured ye would certainly ask me.”

“Claire…. Walk she ken yer home?”

Jamie closed his eyes, taking a deep breath and also releasing it slowly.

“She was the first person I went to find, but when I obtained to the hospital… She got into the car with part man.”

Jenny let the end a tiny chuckle. “Frank.”

“Is it serious?” Jamie said, sitting himself upright and darting his eyes to his sister’s.

“Jamie…. Ye left her… ye left Claire. She was pregnant and also alone, going through med school. She lost belief giving birth… and shortly after, I gained wind ye had actually died. She lost a child and also then shed you…. The poor lass has barely held it together for the last three years. She’s trying.”

“She…. What…. Ns dinna…” Jamie stammered climbing to his feet.

“Ye are a cursed fool, Jamie Fraser. Leaving a woman pregnant and also then going and also dying on her…. Ns am no’ surprised she’s tried to move on.”

“Faith.” Jamie croaked, the tears welling in his eyes once more. “Jenny… She never told me.”

“She didn’t?”

“No—otherwise…. Christ. Ns wouldna have actually gone, wouldna have actually done what they wanted….. Faith.” Jamie claimed as the sobs came over his body when more.

“Och, brother…. She’s buried next come Da and also Mam, why don’t ye go fulfill yer daughter?”

Jamie nodded as he strutted the end of the room and also made his means up the hill.

It was a dark, clear night in the Scottish Highlands.

Jamie knelt and also kissed his mother’s grave; that smiled and also placed his hand top top his father’s grave—saying a silent prayer because that each that them.

Then just to the right, a small brand-new addition – the son he never gained the possibility to know.

Faith FraserSeptember 2016Loved by she mother and also father

“Sassenach, why walk ye not tell me?” Jamie whispered come himself as he knelt at his daughter’s grave. “I woulda to be there for the 2 of ye, and now ns canna it is in there for you.”

He stood—taking in the sight before him, and gathering the courage, Claire had actually to recognize he was alive. They had to talk, even if it is it adjusted things or not, he had to speak to her.

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He had actually to phone call her. Tell she loved her— that he constantly would. That prayed those might be his critical words come her.