Rammstein"s tune "Du Hast" apparently means "You Hate", yet "You Hate" in German is "Du Hasst". However, "Du Hast" way "You Have" in German. Is "Du Hast" claimed to mean "You Have" or "You Hate"? Is it purposely spelled incorrectly?



It"s one intentional pat on words.

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When we hear the opening lyrics:

DuDu hastDu hast michIt"s unclear if they"re speak "Du besides mich" ("You have me") or "Du hasst mich" ("You dislike me").

It"s not until the later on text:

Du besides mich gefragtDu hast mich gefragtDu hast mich gefragt und ich hab nichts gesagtThat us actually get the actual meaning: "You asked me and I claimed nothing."

So, actually, it"s neither "You have actually me" nor "You dislike me." Instead, it"s a part of a past-tense construction. Literally, they are saying "You have actually asked me and I have said nothing."

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A calqued translation:


Thou hast

Thou besides me

Thou aside from that me asked

Thou hast me asked and I have not said

See, English is a lot like German!

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I plugged this right into a German come English translator and it says:

DuDu hastDu besides michDu besides mich gefragtDu besides mich gefragt und ich hab nichts gesagtequates to:

You...You have...You got me...You asked me...You asked me and also I did no say anything...Seems to me to be a clever play on words. At an initial it sounds prefer it"s going to be a love song, and also then it turns out to be an ext of a hate tune (You"re asking me and I"m simply ignoring you).

Of course, climate the remainder of the song:

Willst du bis der tod euch scheidetTreu ihr sein fьare alle tagenNein! Nein!translates to:

Will friend until death do girlfriend partBe faithful to her?No! No!
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