Many cues can be taken from a person"s body language. You can tell if someone is interested in you just by what they do with their hands, eyes, and posture. It"s easy to if someone isn"t interested: they close themselves off, answer in short sentences, and avoid your gaze. When a person does the exact opposite of this, they are probably interested in getting to know you. They might even be flirting with you. If you are interested in a woman, but you aren"t sure if they are interested in you, pay attention to how they act around you and how their body moves. If they do a combination of the below signs, you"re in luck.

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Open Body Language

When a woman likes you, they will have open body language when they talk with you. Their palms and wrists will be open to you in conversation; this is calmed palming. Both the way she sits and stands will show that she is paying attention to you. Her shoulders will face you, along with her feet. She will follow your lead, opening where you lean in. If she is polite, she might even lean away, creating space between you two to show respect. While leaning away might make you think that she is disinterested, consider this with other things she does. Is she a normally polite person? Does she let you speak first? Does she wait for you to come to her? Then her putting space between you is probably a sign of respect and not a lack of interest.

Frequent And Playful Touching

Small touches and gestures are a good sign that a woman likes you. If she playfully pats your arm or rubs against you while you are sitting down, it means she wants to be closer to you. She also might want to hug you or be open to an invitation to be hugged. Please pay attention to how frequently she touches you. The more often she does, the better the sign that she is interested in you. Frequent touching promotes intimacy and can wake up the body. When she touches you, she wants you to notice her physically.

Laughing And Smiling

Women will laugh often and smile a lot when they flirt. It shows they are interested in the conversation and think that they are engaging and funny. They will boost your ego, making you think you are interesting and because they think you are! Laughter is also a sign that they could be nervous around you. A nervous giggle is a sign that they like you, but they aren"t sure how to show it. If you feel that they are shy or reserved, but they laugh at your jokes, they probably like you at least a little. Laughter is also contagious. A woman with an infectious laugh can warm up a conversation and lead to easier discussion and closeness.

Paying Full Attention

If a woman likes you, she will pay great attention to you. Along with touching, you"ll notice that you have her undivided attention. She won"t look at her phone or around the room or talk with anyone else but you. She"ll make you feel important and heard because her eyes are locked onto yours, and she is hearing and answering you thoughtfully and interestingly. If her attention does get pulled away, she"ll make sure that you know that she"s coming back to you, that she wants to continue the conversation. Giving someone your undivided attention is also a sign of respect. When a woman wants to show that they are interested in you, they will show how much they respect you.



Sustained Eye Contact

A woman probably likes you if she"s maintaining eye contact with you. And if you are willing to stay in that eye contact, you like them back. Mutually looking into each other"s eyes is exciting, albeit a little scary at times. She allows herself to be vulnerable with you and read her emotions by looking past her eyes and into her soul. You both will feel seen and understood. Looking into each other"s eyes will create a new kind of intimacy between you.

Awkward Glances

The polite, slightly awkward girl who likes you probably won"t maintain eye contact, however. You"ll probably notice something more along the lines of awkward glances. She"ll look at you like she likes you, but as soon as you look her way, she will break the eye contact. This is out of nervousness and not a lack of interest. You can tell because she looks at you first. If a woman isn"t making eye contact with you because you are staring at her, that is completely different from avoiding your gaze after looking at you. Take a chance and talk to her. Be kind and calm, and help her warm up to you.


A woman probably likes you if she can"t stop moving. Not moving away from you, but moving in place. Maybe she plays with her hair, or touches her face, or taps her fingers on the table. This is a sign of nervousness and excitement because she doesn"t know what to do with herself around you. This is different than fidgeting because she is bored. Bored fidgeting is more lazy, slow, and listless. If she likes you, her movements will be faster, more intuitive than planned out. Touching or twirling her hair could also be a flirting method. She wants you to look at her, so she"s pulling your attention towards her face and hair.




When we think of blushing, we often think of embarrassment. But when a woman blushes, it"s probably for a multitude of reasons. She might be embarrassed because she likes you so much. She could also feel affectionate towards you. Sometimes people blush because they are prone to blushing. But you can tell the blushing is because of you if it happens more when you"re around. If she blushes and turns away or even tries to apologize because it happens so much, it"s probably because she knows that it"s a tell that she"s very much into you.

Fast Breathing

This is a tricky one. When the attraction starts, heart rate and breathing can increase, causing a person to breathe heavier and faster to keep up. It"s hard to notice if someone is breathing faster because you probably have to be pretty close to hear it. But a good way to test is to see what happens the closer you come together. Does her breath quicken when you take a step forward? Do you notice she looks a little nervous but isn"t backing away? Nervousness can be hard to differentiate because it could also signify that she doesn"t want you any closer. You have to read into this one with other signs. You don"t want to read her wrong and scare her away. Please take note of all of her verbal, physical, and emotional cues.


Finally, mirroring is common in people who like each other. This happens when she follows your movements. If you sit, she"ll sit directly across from you. If you put your hand on your hip, she"ll put her hand on your hip. If you look directly at her, she"ll look directly at you. After a while of this, you might start to notice that you mirror her as well. Mirroring encourages a sense of unity between two people and makes you feel more comfortable around them.

Please note that these aren"t full-proof signs that a woman likes you. It is always better to come out and ask if they are interested in dating you. Their verbal confirmation will give you the ability to read closer into these body language signs. Use these to gather the courage to ask her out, not as a license to earn a date with her automatically. If she wants you to know she"s interested, she will. Just know that sometimes people are hard to read. And if you don"t ask, you may never know.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you tell if a girl likes you?

There are lots of signs a woman likes you, but many of them are very subtle. Many of these signals are universal, no matter who’s doing the flirting. Some sure signals he or she’s attracted to you are:

They’re giving you their undivided attention.They’re giving you lots of flirty eye contact.They’re flirting by using lots of physical contacts: their hand on your knee, touching your hand, etc.They’re flirting by laughing at all of your jokes, even if they’re not funny.They’re attracted to you if they’re constantly fidgeting: fixing their hair, adjusting their jewelry or outfit, or touching their face often.They like you if they’re flirting by smiling a lot, shyly making eye contact, or blushing when you talk to them.They’re flirting with you by teasing you or acting playful.

These are just a few signs that he or she likes you. Everyone acts a little different when they’re into someone. Some other signs he or she’s into you are if they’re normally outgoing and bold but are suddenly shy and awkward, or if they usually keep to themselves but are suddenly touching you or hugging you often.

Of course, you can’t always tell just from signs a woman or man likes you. In fact, suddenly acting awkward or quiet around you may be a sign that he or she’s not interested. The best advice is that if you’re interested in a woman or man and you hope that he or she likes you too, then you should talk to them and let them know you like them.

How do you know if a girl likes you but is hiding it?

If a person is trying to hide their attraction to you, then there will definitely be some signs she likes you, or he likes you. Some signs that she likes you or he likes are:

They’re talking to their friends about you. He or she likes you if they’re telling them all about you and about the times you hang out together.A big signal he or she’s into you is that they want you to meet their friends. They want their friend"s seal of approval before they leap.He or she likes you if you start having deep personal conversations to tell you about their hopes and dreams. You’ll learn a lot about them very quickly.They may start acting jealous when other people are around, especially if you’re paying them more attention.One of the biggest signs she likes you or he likes you is that they’re always around. If you always seem to be running into them, or your schedules seem to sync up, that means that they’re trying to spend more time with you without you noticing.

If a person likes you, there are plenty of signs she likes you or he likes you. From always seeming interested in everything you have to say to always wanting to be around you, a person becomes more invested in you when he or she’s into you.

What does it mean when a girl says she likes you?

It means just that: that they like you. It means that they find you interesting, charming, or funny. There are things about you that have caught their eye and their attention, and he or she’s interested in getting to know you more. They probably want to spend more time with you and talk to you more so that they can learn if the two of you would possibly be a good fit.

To be clear, even if there are other signs she likes you or he likes you, it doesn’t mean that they’re ready to jump into a relationship with you! It simply means that they can see the potential for a relationship or possibly just a friendship.

They’re not declaring their everlasting love or even saying that they want to get married. So, take it slow, and if you’re interested in them as well, ask them out on a date and see if the two of you connect in a more romantic setting. The worst that they can say is no that he or she’s not interested in you like that, and then you’ll know for sure where things stand. You still have the chance to make a great friend!

How do you know if a girl likes you more than a friend?

It can be hard to tell if a guy or girl likes you as more than a friend, especially if you’ve been friends for a very long time. They may be scared to admit that they like you differently now and may worry that it will ruin your friendship. If they really do like you, though, they’ll start to show signs she likes you or he likes you without knowing it. Some of the signs she likes you, or he likes you as more than a friend are:

They’re always paying you compliments.They always ask for your opinion on what they wear and how they look.They’re always teasing you, giving you nicknames, and trying to make you laugh.They tell you everything about their life and how their day is going.They text you in the mornings and before they go to bed at night.Their body language starts mirroring yours.They start dressing up more when they’re around you.They may try to make you jealous.

If you think that your friend may like you in more of a romantic way than a friendly way, try reciprocating some of their gestures to see how they react. If they seem to enjoy getting compliments from you or start appreciating when you dress up more, then things may be more than they seem.

You’ll never know for sure unless you ask them, though, so if you’re interested and you hope that he or she feels the same, talk to them.

How do u get a girl to like you?

One of the most important things you can do when you’re interested in a person is talking to them. Learn about their hopes and dreams, their likes and dislikes. Actually, listen to them when they speak to you, and respond in turn. Show them that you’ve listened to them by surprising them with little things that they’ve mentioned that they like. For example, if they mention that their favorite candy bar is a KitKat, pick them up the next time you know you’re going to see them.

Another thing to do is compliment them sincerely and often. Suppose they change their hair, notice, and say something nice. If they’re really into a hobby, compliment them on the things they make. Again, the important thing is to pay attention to them and notice things about them that other people probably won’t.

Spend more time with them and do little things that make them notice you. Eventually, he or she’s going to notice that you’re trying to impress them, and if all goes well, they’ll let you know that he or she likes you too.

Can best friends fall in love?

Of course! It’s actually easy for best friends to fall in love because half of the groundwork has already been laid. You already know everything there is to know about each other, and you’re already taking the good with the bad. In many cases, it becomes natural to fall for your best friend. They’ve always been there for you through thick and thin, and they’ve seen you at your best and your worst.

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A relationship built on a solid friendship is one of the best, long-lasting relationships that you can have.