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Interactions and transactions that take location in the digital civilization are instant. Since we are so offered to quick messages and fast responses, most human being have discovered ways to make online interaction quick also. Thus, civilization started using acronyms of various phases and sentences to shorten texts, emails, and instant messages.

These acronyms supply the same blog post as a complete sentence, but in the quickest means possible. For this reason, many people are coming up with acronyms of commonly used phrases and sentences to make connecting online more efficient. Among popularized acronyms, LMK is just one of the most frequently used, not only on social media platforms yet in service conversations together well.

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The definition of LMK

The full kind of LMK is “let me know.”

This acronym represents a inquiry for particular information from the other party. Thus, it have the right to be defined as a inquiry for the needed details when the other party is ready to administer it in the near future. LMK is simply a shorter method of requesting who to get ago to you around the issue at your disposal whenever the or she has solution for it.


LMK is used in a casual or polite manner, together it is a kind of request and also not one order. It additionally signifies that the other party has the liberty to get back to you whenever the or she is ready. There is no urgency or emergency once this acronym is offered in an online conversation. In a way, the human sending this acronym is acquisition into factor to consider the various other party’s schedule or interest as the is offering them the choice to reply at your convenience.

LMK is usually provided as a inquiry to administer information about any personal opinion, decision, or future plan. The context counts on the bordering conversation, i beg your pardon we deserve to assume those affiliated in the conversation would have established.

Origin and also Popularity that LMK

Even though it has been in use because that longer, LMK end up being popular during the mid 2000s. The word end up being popular since of its consumption on different social media platforms prefer Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. You have the right to find different hashtags, stickers, and emojis making use of LMK on this social media sites.

How to use LMK

In both uppercase and lowercase, LMK method the very same thing i.e., let me know. You have the right to use LMK yet you choose; capitalizing abbreviation is typically viewed as much more formal, while lowercase is much more casual.


As disputed before, LMK does no signify any kind of kind the urgency unless otherwise declared in the text. If you want a much faster reply, then include ASAP (As quickly As Possible) in addition to LMK.

Here it must be stated that the appropriate reply because that this acronym is LYK which stands for “let friend know.” If someone texts you, “LMK once you desire to leave”, an appropriate solution would be, “Okay, ok LYK”.

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