(Min.) An earthy-looking ore, consisting of brown oxide of iron with minute particles of native silver. --Ure.

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Paco is a nickname for the Spanish name Francisco.

Paco may also refer to:

Cocaine paste, short for pasta de cocaína Paco (volcano), a volcano in the Philippines Paco, Manila, a district of Manila, Philippines Paco Catholic School Paco Church Paco Park Paco (film), a 2009 Argentine film Paco (comics), a DC Comics characterPrince Paco, the fictional protagonist of the arcade game Marvel LandPaco, a fictional martial artist played by Paulo Tocha in the film Bloodsport Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra, a youth orchestra in USA PACO (magazine), an Esperanto magazine Paco (footballer) (born 1970), retired Spanish footballer Raffaele di Paco (1908-1996), Italian road racing cyclist Viktor Paço (born 1974), Albanian former footballer

Paco is a Spanish nickname for Francisco. Another nickname for Francisco is Pancho.

One theory says that the nickname has its origins in Saint Francis of Assisi, who was the father of the Franciscan order. His name was written, in Latin, by the order as Pater Communitatis (Father of the community); hence, "Paco" was obtained by taking the first syllable of each word.. Another possibility is it comes from little children"s defective pronunciation of their name as "Paquico".

Sometimes people with the name Francisco are also called Kiko. However, this nickname is more commonly used for Federico, Ricardo, or Enrique.

Paco is also a slang term for cocaine paste.

Paco (volcano)

Paco is an inactive volcano, in elevation, located at 9°35.6" North, 125°31.1" East, in the province of Surigao del Norte, region of Caraga, island of Mindanao, the Philippines.

PACO (magazine)

PACO was the name of the official Mondpaca Esperantista Movado (MEM) magazine.

Paco (film)

Paco is a 2009 Argentine drama film written and directed by Diego Rafecas, an Argentinian film director. The film was shot in Buenos Aires and South Africa.

Paco (comics)

Paco Testas is a fictional character in DC Comics.

Usage examples of "paco".

The place is going to be filled with politicians, hangers-on, and the man Paco plans to support in the next gubernatorial election.

Within hours, if not already, Paco and his men are going to know of my miraculous escape and be looking for me.

Several hours and false trails later, I determined that Frank Paco does own the business, but is overly modest about it.

Fleming, and since yesterday, for myself, in which Frank Paco is involved.

I also think that maybe Paco is wise to it and pulling the strings of the con man.

All right, we discard the outside con man for the moment and put Paco in his place instead.

I talked with Shoe again today and he was able to confirm that Paco had borrowed a quantity of cash from Morelli about a month ago, before you came to town.

Doc, and Harry were knocked flat, Paco actually somersaulting over me.

They kept their eyes and guns locked on my head until Paco came in, dragging Doc with him.

Shouts from the other end of the house brought help to the men who were getting Paco out, saving me the trouble.

He was worried about what Slick would say once the news was out, which was why Paco was leaving town.

If Paco were in his right mind, he would certainly be in jail by now, rather than in hospital.

For a few seconds I thought they believed it, then Paco burst into laughter.

Morelli stood in the shelter of the hatch that led below, Paco was holding me up as Fred tied something to my ankles.

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Frank Paco and of the little incident in the alley behind the club which cost me a bloodletting.