We all know WWE superstar Randy Orton. The Viper is mainly famed for his vicious RKO finishing maneuver. However what does RKO stands for in WWE? let us have actually a look at what this RKO means.

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Randal Keith Orton is one American professional wrestler popularly known by WWE fans throughout the world as Randy Orton. 

Randy Orton providing the RKO

RKO stand for genuine Knockout or Randy Knockout. According to wrestling JAT Wiki, that is a variation of the cutter. This relocate sees the wrestler jumping towards the opponent, grabbing the opponent’s head in a three-quarter challenge lock parallel come the ground, and also then slamming the opponent’s face to the mat in a cutter. 

RKO additionally stands because that Randy Keith Orton, however most connotations take ar via the finisher that Orton has actually made therefore popular.

But perform you recognize who originated the RKO, surprisingly it was no Orton. 

As perWWE.com, This move was source by The civilization Power, former WCW superstar john Laurinaitis playing by his climate ring surname Johnny ACE. Laurinaitis struggle the first RKO, which to be also—known at the time together Ace Crusher. He offered innumerous Ace Crushers to other wrestlers.

After that, many superstars offered this attack in your version choose The Dudley boys (Dudley fatality Drop), Jeff hardy ( The twist of Fury).

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However, The WWE universe resembles just one name through RKO, through The Apex Predator Randy Orton.

Randy Orton can offer RKO the end nowhere, which makes it an ext special because The Viper is ferocious and also fast when it involves RKO.