WBU is an abbreviation i beg your pardon you could hear on part social network web page such as snapshot, facebook, and twitter. Why world use together words? In this Article, you will find complete information about WBU.

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Abbreviations such together WBU are dubbed internet slang. You will certainly find different such brief terms prefer OFC, WCW, and TBH in non-formal conversation. Civilization use together shorts state to save time rather of typing full word or sentence.

What does WBU stand for?

WBU stand because that “What about You“. You could get familiar with this term during online chatting v your friends.


There is another short term which can be used as an alternative to this Slang is “HBU“, Which stands for “How about You“. Such short terms space getting really popular on plenty of social networking sites and also online chat. Over there are countless reasons for using slang in conversation, to save time and quickly reply is among them.

WBU Meaning

WBU represents What around You, now let’s view what does WBU message means? It method that getting the opinion of someone, such as if the an initial person tells the “we are going ~ above a trip. What about You? ” to the 2nd person. The 2nd person shares his thoughts and replies correctly I will go also.


In other words, we use this term when we want to know someone’s suggestions, opinion or feeling about some statement. Together terms have different definitions in assorted fields and also such terms have the right to only be supplied in unshened conversation.

Why We use WBU?

There are plenty of reasons for using such slang. If we space using brief terms in our digital chatting, it means we are conserving our time rather of inputting the full kind of words we merely use its abbreviations. Everyone is in a hurry and they want a quick an answer to your message.


The various other reason is the border of characters on part social networking sites. There room some society networking sites whereby you can write up to a specific variety of characters, such together Twitter. Where you deserve to use only 280 characters, therefore in such cases people usage these slang and also save the personality limit.

Can We usage WBU Formally?

You deserve to never usage WBU on formal occasions such together in interviews. As it is slang, for this reason avoid consumption of such short terms while you have actually a officially conversation.


You deserve to never usage the web slang in conversation v your ceo or someone with authority. Use of Slang counts upon the frankness level v the next person. Therefore be careful while making use of this net slang.

In various other Fields

These brief terms have countless meanings in a different area. That can produce confusion during the conversation, so you should be careful while utilizing such words. The meaning of such quick terms count upon the conversation type, is regarded which field or area.


List the WBU slang meanings in other areas are provided below:

Wild Birds UnlimitedWayland Baptist UniversityWeb-Based UtilityWorld Blind UnionWorld Boxing UnionBoulder, CO, USA (Airport Code)World Broadcasting Union

Alternative that WBU

“What around You” can be replaced by the hatchet “How around You“, which have the same definition and you can replace it v WBU. The abbreviation that How about You is HBU. It may develop a an ext casual tone than WBU.


You deserve to use together terms in a ar where friend have restricted characters or you have actually a brief time come respond to someone’s message.

Some typical Examples

To do this term much more clear, below are some instances which may assist you more:


In the above example, the very first friend supplies WBU to ask if the second friend would prefer to accomplish up for food.


In the over example, the 2nd friend supplies WBU to clarify even if it is or no the first friend is comes to a party.


In the above example, the an initial friend offers WBU to clarify even if it is or not the an initial friend is comes on a trip.


WBU was standing for What around You, which is used in online chatting through friends or relatives. Most civilization use together terms in conversation to offer quick and fast reply to a message, lock just form short terms rather of the full word. Such quick terms deserve to never it is in a part of a formal conversation.

You have the right to not usage this net slang everywhere, since it may cause confusion. In Some various other fields, its an interpretation is different. You deserve to use HBU rather of WBU, both have actually the exact same meaning.

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