Students are required to be fluent adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. This source list supports the teaching and also learning that the usage of the 4 operations, including reliable written methods, used to straightforward fractions; proper, improper and mixed numbers.

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This resource has packs that games, investigations, worksheets and also practical tasks ideal for usage as starter activities.

Fractions packs one and two contain activities designed to discover the principle of fractions.

Fractions load three consists of an task "Adding Fractions" which requires students to be familiar through finding strings of tantamount fractions. The activity "Unit portion patterns" is an activity requiring student to uncover patterns when adding unit fractions.

Fractions: adding and Subtracting

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This resource contains two videos. The videos have the right to be paused to permit students to effort the calculation and then compare their method with the one displayed on the video. Students can be asked to make their own video showing alternating methods or giving alternating explanations as to how to complete the calculation. 

Adding and subtracting fractions v the same denominator – This video begins by reflecting the common mistake of including the numerator and including the denominator and explaining why this cannot be correct. The correct technique is offered with a photographic representation to assist understanding. The video clip continues through a collection of simple addition and subtraction examples.

Adding and subtracting fractions with various denominators – This demonstration starts again through explaining that just the numerators space added. There follows a short recap of identical fractions before moving on to display a straightforward example of exactly how to include fractions with various denominators.


Quality AssuredCategory:MathematicsPublisher:Centre for creation in math Teaching

This source is draft to enhance confidence in mathematics and was developed an especially for primary teachers and also those non-specialists who teach math in the lower secondary years. The resource contains a an excellent commentary on how to teach fractions along with a number of examples and also exercises suitable for usage in the classroom.

Fractions part A covers addition and subtraction of fractions including some an extremely useful worded questions, right for experimentation whether students deserve to determine what is the exactly calculation to usage to resolve the problem.

The next section considers just how to teach the principles associated in performing multiplication and division of fractions.

Arithmetic: Fractions

Quality AssuredCategory:MathematicsPublisher:Centre for development in mathematics Teaching

Arithmetic: Fractions contains a selection of questions, including worded questions requiring student to add fractions, subtract fractions, multiply fractions and divide fractions. Instances using blended numbers space included.

There are two beneficial activities. Human Multiplication is a practical task investigating the multiplication the fractions.

Adding and also Subtracting Fractions is a puzzle requiring college student to add and subtract fractions.

Dividing totality numbers by fractions

Quality AssuredCategory:MathematicsPublisher:Centre for innovation in mathematics Teaching

This source uses diagrams come illustrate division by a portion and, come clarify the usual misconception identified with this task, prompts students come rethink the statement, divide three by one quarter, together the variety of quarters that fit into three.

Practice of separating by fractions is detailed by some follow-up exercises.


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This resource contains 3 excel files managing various facets of fractions:

Fractions the X (mental arithmetic) - to find fractions that amounts

Fractions: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide -apply the 4 rules come fractions and mixed numbers

Fractions: Mixed, Top-heavy, Equivalent- convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions. And also find sets of tantamount fractions

Fraction Code

Quality AssuredCategory:MathematicsPublisher:Churchill Maths

Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a fraction; student add, subtract, multiply and also divide fountain to expose coded messages.

Cross Bear!

Quality AssuredCategory:MathematicsPublisher:Something in Common

In this source daddy bear, mummy bear and also baby be affected by each other share part porridge. Several various problems have the right to be provided to students, each syhunterriverpei.coms involves including fractions with various denominators and the use reciprocals.

Magic Fractions

Quality AssuredCategory:MathematicsPublisher:Something in Common

In this activity students room asked to generate six fractions by using 3 integers that sum to zero (e.g. -8, 3 and 5). They are then inquiry to amount these fractions and finding your product, v surprising results.

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Proving the an outcome algebraically involves enhancement and multiplication of fractions, simplification, and also equating variables.