Growing up, my siblings and I had actually this long-standing concept that if who burped, coughed, farted, and also sneezed in ~ the very same time your heads would certainly explode. Obviously, we had no scientific evidence to support it, yet that didn't avoid us from disseminating this hypothesis to ours friends and family members together incontrovertible fact.

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It seems like a comparable argument is being made about what happens if you punch someone in the armpit.

That's the huge question here, ladies and gentlemen. Will a direct strike to someone's armpit render lock a defecating mess? return I'm no physician, I deserve to say that, from an individual experience sparring in various martial arts classes and also receiving kicks punches and also elbows that missed your mark and also hit me under mine arm, I have actually never as soon as soiled myself.

I'd also wager the if this theory was true, we'd view a lot more combat sporting activities athletes leaving their particular rings/cages through "claggy bottoms," as the Brits would certainly say. The concern actually popped up in a Reddit thread also in 2019 and it was evident that inquiring minds really wanted to know.


User FrozeCoke asked:

"I'm not sure how frequently this is said about the world, however in my school people insist the if you beat someone's armpit they will certainly s*** themselves. I have likewise asked my finest friend that goes to a college 1 hour away from mine, and also he has indeed confirmed that the rumor is additionally present in his school. Ns would like to understand this due to the fact that then perhaps I might ask who to punch my armpits since I do appear to be severely constipated."

Looking because that a recommended method to minimize themselves of their "severe" constipation, FrozeCoke wanted to try the old strike-to-the-armpit method so they could evacuate your bowels.

Several Redditors had not just rejected this theory yet even declared to have tried it us on a friend, through unsurprising results.

no one:*me and marc showering*marc: *punches my armpit*me: yo wtf marc: i witnessed this tik tok whereby it states if you beat someone’s armpit, it makes them looking in ~ him like

— 𝛋𝖆𝖓𝐝𝒚 ♥ (

Levlove wrote, "Sitting below with 3 other nurses, simply tested it on mine neighbor. You know, because that science. And also because she stated she required to poop, too. Make the efforts dead center on the ideal pit and also then for good measure do the efforts bilateral punches in ~ the exact same time. No poop."

Not content to merely trust the outcomes of others on the internet, I chose to have actually my wife offer me a an excellent pit-shellacking together I hadn't pooped myself in around a day and also had number of cups of coffee prior to writing this article. If there ever before was a time because that someone to literally crap us after obtaining hit, this would be it.

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I tape-recorded the results for thoroughly clinical purposes. You deserve to see for yourself below.

I have the right to say the it to be the only time in mine life ns was disappointed i hadn't pooped mine pants. Once I find the "brown spot" ~ above the body, I'll be certain to share mine findings v the remainder of the internet. 

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