If you’re thinking of chartering a catamaran top top your next trip, read through our guide and also get increase to speed on 2 hulled yachts! We offer Catamarans because that charter in end 60 countries and the entire choice can be watched on ours Catamaran charter page.

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What Is a Catamaran?

A Catamaran is a sail or engine-powered watercraft with a dual hull, a distinctive feature that renders it instantly recognizable when you're mindful of the design. World often concern whether a catamaran is a yacht, and also due to the sleek style, versatility, speed capabilities, and also comfort, a catamaran absolutely earns the yacht rubber stamp of approval. Because of these same characteristics, catamarans are ending up being an increasingly popular selection among avid recreation and sport sailors.

The elegant and also unique catamaran style isn't a new development - it's in reality a centuries-old style that's to be modified and also built upon to end up being what it is today.

The very first Catamaran was created in India, borrowing its modern-day name indigenous the original Tamil native kattumaram, meaning "logs tied together". The an initial design was merely a raft do of tree trunks, built in the fishing neighborhoods of Tamil Nadu in southerly India and also used to invade several Southeast oriental countries as at an early stage as the 5th century. The kattumaram quickly ended up being the favoured vessel format throughout Polynesia and Micronesia.

Evolved through American Nathanael Herreshoff in the 1870s and further developed in the 1950s, the catamaran ide really took off in the 20th century. The was shortly functioning together a full-fledged yacht, may be to complete in the racing arena with mono-hulled watercrafts without compromising luxury. Nowadays, catamarans lure both sports and recreation boaters with its versatility, speed, and also comfort.


What are the characteristics of a Catamaran Hull?

The most noticeable characteristic that a catamaran is the pair hull, but there are more benefits to the cleverly do underside. When compared to a monohull yacht the the same size, the catamaran hull has several large advantages. Catamaran hulls are detailed for having less volume, lighter displacement, and also shallower breeze (ie much less of the boat is listed below water) when contrasted to monohull vessels. The shallow breeze is especially appealing, permitting for usage in shallow water and giving the captain the option to traction the watercraft right approximately shore there is no worry.

Additionally, due to the fact that of the hull design, catamarans boast a smaller sized hydrodynamic resistance, eventually making them more economic due to the fact that they don't require as lot fuel come propel castle forward. And for those sailors still strengthening your sea legs, the double hull boosts the catamaran's in its entirety balance and also stability by reducing the lot of wave-induced motion. So lengthy seasickness!

Catamarans have actually a the majority of space. The life area in in between the 2 hulls uses a dining and also lounging area and also a spacious kitchen. You additionally find exterior lounging areas at the ago and in the prior of the yacht. The various locations to relax typical a lot of privacy top top board. The 2 hulls more increase the privacy aspect because the cabins space separated through the central living area and also each hull has actually their different entrance in most cases. This makes the Catamaran the right yacht to charter for two couples, two families, a group of friend or a big family. The cabins in the hulls room spacious and comfortable and also their size vary through the precise Catamaran model.

So in summary, catamarans:

have two hulls, usually associated by a bridgedeckcan be cruised in shallow wateruse much less fuel, due to the fact that they have actually low hydrodynamic resistancetend come be very stablehave a lot of of an are for dining and lounging and preparing foodoffer higher privacy 보다 monohull yachts

To give you an idea of the an are and amenities on board a Catamaran, do have a look in ~ the plenty of pictures of our Lagoon 560 because that charter in the british Virgin Islands.

How to Sail a Catamaran

You're marketed on the idea that a catamaran, however now come the question, how hard is it to sail a catamaran? Learning how to sail a catamaran is fairly straight forward if you're currently trained in the basics that sailing. Although that does differ from monohull vessels, the idea is the same. Be all set to tweak her sail trimming an abilities and gain used come the distinction in motion (or absence thereof) v the catamaran.

The catamaran is gaining popularity since the better-balanced hull and twin engines make it arguably less complicated to run than a monohull yacht. Fluid maneuverability method that even one person can sail a catamaran as lengthy as they've gathered enough sail experience. Still, it's never ever a bad idea to acquire some formal training; the ASA and also RYA both market catamaran sailing courses to assist enhance your skills.

How rapid Can a Catamaran Sail?

Catamaran's have the right to cruise! Their speed is just an additional reason why the boat has come to be so sought-after in current years. A sailing catamaran can commonly perform 25% - 30% faster than a monohull of the same size.

So just how quick can lock go? cat average around 10 knots with optimal speeds reaching about 15 knots. Simply keep your weight in mind - catamarans respond sensitively to heavy loads and will execute slower if overweight.


Why Charter a Catamaran?

When compared to a monohull watercraft of the very same size, a catamaran has a tendency to be a bit more expensive to charter. However, your expedition itinerary might require details criteria that make safety a bit more worth it. For example, the flat plane and security of a catamaran room ideally suited because that a household to enjoy their holidays in a the majority of comfort. It is additionally ideal because that a scuba diving holiday, allowing divers to equipment up and also enter/exit the water with ease. Additionally, huge parties usually find catamarans far better suited for their demands in terms of deck room and overall comfort.

A Catamaran is the ideal yacht for a relaxing vacation as it boasts a the majority of space, stability and also living spaces - it truly is her floating hotel. However note that a catamaran holiday does not need to break the bank and also is very affordable in comparison come a vacation in a hotel. For an ext details you have the right to read our blog posts which provides a price comparison in between a hotel stay and a catamaran charter.


Catamarans room a fun different to the traditional sailing yacht and also the worth for money is unrivalled for a yacht holiay. They administer comfort, flexibility and a lot of of an are to invest your time top top the sea.

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