Your recipe calls for a stalk the celery. Perform you average a rib, or the whole stalk?

Wait – what? A stalk and a rib that celery aren’t the very same thing?

I thought a bunch of celery was, well, a bunch. And that a stalk was one stick of celery indigenous the bunch. Turns out, the entire bunch the celery is actually the celery stalk, and also a solitary stick from the stalk is called a rib. I assumed – no, i knew, with absolute certainty, that a stalk of celery and a rib the celery room the same thing.

And they’re not, if you speak to a botanist, or maybe a farmer.

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But every cooking recipes I’ve ever before read refers to a single rib of celery as a stalk. What’s walking on?

Stalk that Celery vs Rib of Celery

When a cooking recipes calls for a stalk of celery, it’s questioning for one rib, no the totality head the celery. What’s going on is language drift. At some point, the recipe meaning of “stalk” diverged from the factory definition. Sure, pedants will certainly say “but the stalk is the entire bunch!”, and they’ll be technically correct1, but if a cooking recipes calls for a stalk that celery, don’t cut up the whole head and add it to the pot.

Do what ns mean, no what i say

When ns say “1 stalk that celery, minced”, I average a single rib. If the bothers you, ns sorry…but ns not an altering my writing style.

When i ask for a stalk of celery, this is just how much I want you to use.

What execute you think?

Questions? leaving them in the comments section below. (But, wall surfaces of Text around the death of meaning or the corruption the English will certainly be ignored.)

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by Mike Vrobel

Hi! i’m Mike Vrobel. I’m a dad and also an enthusiastic home cook; one indie cookbook author and food blogger through a job job, a patient spouse, and three kids who would certainly rather have actually hamburgers because that dinner.


I’ve been food preparation for decades and with many celery, yet had come Google what a rib of celery was…js…I can’t be the only human who uses lots of celery in dishes I chef that didn’t know a stalk was a rib!!


Honetly I thank you native the bottom of my heart because I have been looking for this online through numerous recipes and also last time I provided too lot celery


Ha! good luck through that one – i guess you’ll have to use your own best judgement. Me? i can’t think of why a recipe would use a single rib and also an then an entire stalk, so i assume they meant “rib” both times.

Just wondering this since a recipe i was looking in ~ said:2 stalks celery, approximately chopped (about 1 1/2 cups)

I was like, wait, two celery ribs won’t comprise a cup and also a half, a d 2 celery bunches would be too much.

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Can recipes simply please include a volume or load suggestion!

That’s nice.In fact, ns am not a person who consume this celery and also that’s not a Vege that you can uncover in a usual Indians residence though.Happened come enroll because that a full body detoxing whereby they ask us to juice the fruits and also veges as soon as I came throughout this ingredient part.It says, 2 stalks of celery. Yes, you check out it right.When I saw the supermarket, lock are offering a single stalk
a bunch that it. And also they labeled it together One Stalk of Celery.When the menu asked for 2 stalks, can you imagine what went through my mind? I would certainly be a finish idiot if to usage the 2 bunches of the celery.So, there goes the googling. Hahaha.Ended up usage 2 ribs for the purpose. An excellent write up. This might assist many the end there who battles with together language errors .But, the celery mixed with cucumber + ginger and lemon was no bad. Rather tasty and also I love it.

I simply want to say thanks to you since I have actually been searching for this digital through number of recipes and also last time ns used means too lot celery