CCNA 1 Introduction to Networks v7.0 – ITNv7 Practice Final Exam Answers

1. A client packet is received by a server. The packet has a destination port number of 22. What service is the client requesting?


2. Refer to the exhibit.

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CCNA 1 v7 ITN Practice Final Exam Answers p40

A user issues the command netstat –r on a workstation. Which IPv6 address is one of the link-local addresses of the workstation?


Explanation: In the IPv6 address scheme, the network of fe80::/10 is reserved for link-local addresses. The address fe80::/64 is a network address that indicates, in this workstation, fe80::/64 is actually used for link-local addresses. Thus the address fe80::30d0:115:3f57:fe4c/128 is a valid IPv6 link-local address.

41. What type of IPv6 address is represented by ::1/128?

EUI-64 generated link-localglobal unicastunspecifiedloopback*

42. Which statement describes network security?

It supports growth over time in accordance with approved network design procedures.It synchronizes traffic flows using timestamps.It ensures sensitive corporate data is available for authorized users.*It prioritizes data flows in order to give priority to delay-sensitive traffic.

43. Which two devices would be described as intermediary devices? (Choose two.)

wireless LAN controller*serverassembly line robots*IPSgaming consoleretail scanner

44. What characteristic describes spyware?

software that is installed on a user device and collects information about the user*the use of stolen credentials to access private dataan attack that slows or crashes a device or network servicea network device that filters access and traffic coming into a network

45. Refer to the exhibit.

The exhibit shows a small switched network and the contents of the MAC address table of the switch. PC1 has sent a frame addressed to PC3. What will the switch do with the frame?

The switch will discard the frame.The switch will forward the frame to all ports.The switch will forward the frame only to port 2.The switch will forward the frame only to ports 1 and 3.The switch will forward the frame to all ports except port 4.*

46. Which destination address is used in an ARP request frame? physical address of the destination hostFFFF.FFFF.FFFF*AAAA.AAAA.AAAA

47. Refer to the exhibit.

PC1 issues an ARP request because it needs to send a packet to PC3. In this scenario, what will happen next?

SW1 will send an ARP reply with its Fa0/1 MAC address.RT1 will send an ARP reply with its own Fa0/0 MAC address.*RT1 will forward the ARP request to PC3.RT1 will send an ARP reply with the PC3 MAC address.RT1 will send an ARP reply with its own Fa0/1 MAC address.

48. A network administrator is issuing the login block-for 180 attempts 2 within 30 command on a router. Which threat is the network administrator trying to prevent?

a user who is trying to guess a password to access the router*a worm that is attempting to access another part of the networkan unidentified individual who is trying to access the network equipment rooma device that is trying to inspect the traffic on a link

Explanation: The login block-for 180 attempts 2 within 30 command will cause the device to block authentication after 2 unsuccessful attempts within 30 seconds for a duration of 180 seconds. A device inspecting the traffic on a link has nothing to do with the router. The router configuration cannot prevent unauthorized access to the equipment room. A worm would not attempt to access the router to propagate to another part of the network.

49. Which statement describes the characteristics of packet-filtering and stateful firewalls as they relate to the OSI model?

A packet-filtering firewall uses session layer information to track the state of a connection, whereas a stateful firewall uses application layer information to track the state of a connection.*Both stateful and packet-filtering firewalls can filter at the application layer.A packet-filtering firewall typically can filter up to the transport layer, whereas a stateful firewall can filter up to the session layer.A stateful firewall can filter application layer information, whereas a packet-filtering firewall cannot filter beyond the network layer.

50. What are two ways to protect a computer from malware? (Choose two.)

Empty the browser cache.Use antivirus software.*Delete unused software.Keep software up to date.*Defragment the hard disk.

Explanation: At a minimum, a computer should use antivirus software and have all software up to date to defend against malware.

51. The employees and residents of Ciscoville cannot access the Internet or any remote web-based services. IT workers quickly determine that the city firewall is being flooded with so much traffic that a breakdown of connectivity to the Internet is occurring. Which type of attack is being launched at Ciscoville?

accessTrojan horsereconnaissanceDoS*

52. Which two statements describe the characteristics of fiber-optic cabling? (Choose two.)

Fiber-optic cabling does not conduct electricity.*Multimode fiber-optic cabling carries signals from multiple sending devices.Fiber-optic cabling is primarily used as backbone cabling.*Fiber-optic cabling uses LEDs for single-mode cab​les and laser technology for multimode cables.Fiber-optic cabling has high signal loss.

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53. What OSI physical layer term describes the measure of the transfer of bits across a medium over a given period of time?


54. Refer to the exhibit.

What is the maximum possible throughput between the PC and the server?

10 Mb/s1000 Mb/s128 kb/s*100 Mb/s