Themes room the fundamental and often universal ideasexplored in a literature work.

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The boundaries of Knowledge

As Ishmael tries, in the opened pages that Moby-Dick, tooffer a straightforward collection of literary excerpts pointing out whales,he discovers that, transparent history, the whale has taken ~ above anincredible multiplicity the meanings. Over the food of the novel,he renders use of nearly every discipline known to guy in his attemptsto understand the important nature of the whale. Each of these systemsof knowledge, however, consisting of art, taxonomy, and also phrenology,fails to offer an adequate account. The multiplicity of approachesthat Ishmael takes, coupled v his compulsive have to assert hisauthority as a narrator and the frequent references come the limitsof observation (men cannot view the depth of the ocean, for example),suggest that human knowledge is always minimal and insufficient.When it involves Moby prick himself, this limitation takes on allegoricalsignificance. The ways of Moby Dick, prefer those that the ChristianGod, space unknowable to man, and thus trying to translate them, asAhab does, is inevitably futile and also often fatal.

The Deceptiveness the Fate

In addition to highlighting countless portentous or foreshadowing events,Ishmael’s narrative has many recommendations to fate, producing theimpression that the Pequod’s doom is inevitable.Many of the sailors believe in prophecies, and also some even case theability come foretell the future. A number of things suggest, however,that personalities are in reality deluding themselves as soon as they thinkthat they view the work of fate and that fate either doesn’t existor is just one of the plenty of forces about which person beings deserve to have nodistinct knowledge. Ahab, because that example, plainly exploits the sailors’belief in fate come manipulate them into thinking that the pursuit forMoby cock is their common destiny. Moreover, the prophesiesof Fedallah and also others it seems to be ~ to be undercut in chapter 99,when various individuals interpret the doubloon in various ways,demonstrating that human beings project what they desire to see once theytry to analyze signs and portents.

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The Exploitative Nature that Whaling

At very first glance, the Pequod appears likean island that equality and fellowship in the middle of a racist, hierarchicallystructured world. The ship’s crew contains men from every cornersof the globe and also all races that seem to gain along harmoniously. Ishmaelis initially uneasy upon conference Queequeg, yet he easily realizesthat it is much better to have actually a “sober cannibal than a drunken Christian”for a shipmate. Additionally, the conditions of job-related aboard the Pequod promotea particular kind the egalitarianism, due to the fact that men are supported and paid accordingto your skill. However, the occupational of whaling parallels the otherexploitative activities—buffalo hunting, gold mining, unfair tradewith aboriginal peoples—that characterize American and also Europeanterritorial expansion. Each of the Pequod’s mates,who space white, is entirely dependent on a nonwhite harpooner, andnonwhites perform most of the dirty or dangerous jobs aboard theship. Flask in reality stands on Daggoo, his african harpooner, inorder come beat the various other mates come a compensation whale. Ahab is depictedas walking over the black youth Pip, that listens come Ahab’s pacingfrom below deck, and is thus reminded the his value as a slaveis less than the value of a whale.

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