i ran into a concern on a exercise test which stated "What is the difference between -8 and -3? ns am 13, and I am quite qualified of subtracting negative numbers; I simply did -8--3 to get my answer, making the -8+3, climate making that -5. However, when I checked my answers, i was told the it was wrong, and also the answer to be 5.

When finding the difference in between two numbers, perform you subtract the larger number from the smaller or evil versa?

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$egingroup$ "The difference in between a and also b" is ambiguous. It could mean $a-b$ or $b-a$. I doubt most civilization mean $|a-b|$, however I just try to prevent the expression in practice. $endgroup$
I would review this together "what is the distance between these two numbers". The "distance" between two numbers is always non-negative.

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The means I watch this and apologies ns am no expert, but:

1 -> 10 is the number line. 5 is whereby we want to be, the target number.

Variable + Target / 2 = typical / Target = the degree of differenceExamples:

10 + 5 / 5 / 2 = 1.55 + 5 / 5 / 2 = 11 + 5 / 5 / 2 = 0.6Look because that the Mean, add the variable + Target / 2 = mean / Target = the degree of difference in between the Target and also the variable.

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Apologies if this is no what to be intended. This was a great exercise for my translate of the very same question.

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