Magnesium chloride, likewise known together magnesium dichloride, is an not natural salt the is uncovered in countless organisms to achieve essential functions.

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Formula and structure: The magnesium chloride chemistry formula is MgCl2. The molar fixed is 95.21 g/mol. This salt is found in as a dihydrated salt with the formula MgCl2.H2O and molecular massive 203.31 g/mol, gift it the most common form. The molecule is formed by one cation ferrous Mg2+ and two chloride anions Cl-. The structure is developed by a octahedral geometry, with 8 chloride anions surrounding a magnesium cation. Its chemical structure have the right to be composed as below, in the common representations supplied for essential molecules.


Occurrence: Magnesium chloride is discovered in nature. It have the right to be extracted from sea water and also salty lakes. One of the main sources is the Dead Sea in the middle East. It is likewise found together solvated salt in biology of all levels (bacteria, animals and also human).

Preparation: Magnesium chloride is developed by the reaction that hydrochloric acid and also magnesium oxide. It can be obtained from including the hydrochloric come the seawater, precipitating the magnesium chloride. It can additionally be ready from magnesium ammonium chloride reacting through hydrochloric acid.

physical properties: Magnesium chloride is a white, odourless, crystalline solid. The density varies follow to the hydration the the salt, being 2.32 g/mL for the anhydrous and also 1.59 g/mL because that the hexahydrate salt. The melting allude is 714 °C because that the anhydrous and also 1412 °C is the boil point. Magnesium chloride is dissolve in water and also acetone.

chemical properties: Magnesium chloride is critical salt come the body of organisms due to the fact that it can be solvated in two vital ions: Mg2+ and also Cl-. The magnesium cation Mg2+ has critical biochemical function as a cofactor of numerous enzymes and also to guarantee the ionic organic balance. Magnesium chloride is a Lewis acid an interpretation that also when that is an salt, the can also be offered as an acid due to it is maybe to expropriate electrons.

Uses: Magnesium chloride is offered as a ingredient in the manufacturing of adhesives, cleaning agents, agricultural fertilizers, pet food and also human food. It is additionally used together the main reactant in the manufacturing of magnesium metal. Magnesium chloride is additionally used together a catalyst in some chemical reactions. Magnesium chloride have the right to be used as a component of fertilizers.

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Health results / safety and security hazards: Magnesium chloride can reason eyes irritation yet I basic is not toxic. That is no flammable.