Did you understand that Jersey pregnancies are five days shorter than the mean cow? That"s right! The average cow is pregnant for 283 days, however the average Jersey cow is pregnant for 278 days.

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"The regular gestation period of the dairy cow is 283 days. Based upon studies make by the Ohio Experiment Station, however, it is apparent that over there is variation among breeds. The adhering to figures present the gestation period by breed, as found in this experiment: Ayshire, 278 days; Brown Swiss, 288 days; Guernsey, 283 days; Holstein, 279 days; and Jersey, 278 days. The Ohio station additionally reported (1) that the gestation period of first-calf heifers is about 2 days less than the of larger cows of the respective breeds, and also (2) that the gestation duration where bull calves are born is around 1 day longer than where females room born." ~M.E. Ensminger, Dairy livestock Science
​Since over there are five heifers and also cows calving top top Birdsong farm yard in the next 5 months,I figured this to be a great time to share my gestation calendar, i beg your pardon I"ve custom designed for Jerseys.​
​The an initial column, breeding Date, is the day that her heifer or cow is bred. The 2nd column, Cow early out Date, is the date that your cow is due, while the 3rd column, Heifer due Date, is the date that her heifer is due. The 4th column, Dry turn off Date, is the date for your cow"s final milking if friend are giving her a 60-day dried period.​For example, ns bred Birdsong Princess Diana, a heifer, ~ above June 20th, therefore she will certainly be early out on march 23rd. I bred Birdsong autumn Aster, a cow, top top September 22nd, therefore she will certainly be early out on June 27th and I will want to dry she off by April 27th to give her a 60-day dry period. Click the images listed below to take it a closer look.

I trust that this gestation calendar will certainly make it simpler for friend to calculation the due days for your Jersey heifers and cows, keeping in mental that because cows and also heifers carry out not review very couple of will in reality calve on your due date! (A selection of 7 days prior to to 7-14 work after the due day is typical.)Leave a comment below and also share whereby in the people you farm and also what breeds of livestock you raise.

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We breed and also raise Mini, Midsize, and also Standard Jersey milk cows for little farms and also homesteads. We"re located in the far north mountains of Idaho. I often share this link and also thought the was about time ns left a official "thank you!" her gestation calendar is the closest for Jerseys we have found. Thank you because that making it publicly available.

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Naomi Fournierlink

It"s nice to meet another milkmaid and also learn around your homestead and lovely Jerseys. I"m happy that the gestation chart the I produced for myself is beneficial for you and also your milk cow buyers.

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Appreciate your efforts with the gestation info. RBC is the identical to your TLC, the livestock Conservancy.We milked 200 Channel Island cattle in the UK prior to emigrating to Manitoba 36 yrs ago. Greatly Guernsey"s, supplementing through Jerseys together the numbers dropped.Now i volunteer v RBC, helping to network & attach folks... Something to aid keep our low numbers of heritage farm yard livestock from extinction. Many thanks again. Pam.

Paula Carlson

I watch your chart only goes come the finish of Sept. For breeding dates, to be I absent a page? ours jersey, Molly, to be AI top top Oct.16, so she due date is when?

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I"m so sorry ns didn"t watch your question before now. Your cow"s due date was July 21st if she was bred on October 16th. The finish gestation calendar, with breeding dates from January 1st to December 31st, is sent via email. You"ll need to go into your name and also email attend to in package in the post and also click the violet "Send me the calendar!" button to obtain it.